Shortys Superstars Press Conference – Round 3

Win, lose or draw you have to front up to the press conference. A far from happy coach of Shortys Superstars faced the media and while it has been a poor start to the year – a response is hopefully around the corner.

Here are some thoughts on my side and a look at the SuperCoachHQ league.

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2 thoughts on “Shortys Superstars Press Conference – Round 3

  1. why on earth do you have Leunberger and $450k in your warchest??

    Your plays are reaching waayyy too far. I reckon you might need to go hard for the first 4 rounds with corrections then set and forget for a while.


    1. The reason being it was more of a priority to bring in Kennedy and Hall. Rather than ditch Leuy. But as you’ll see in tonight’s presser I have since got rid of Leuenberger. There will be some changes to my side no dount, but I’m not one to throw the baby out with the bath water, gotta be patient sometimes rather than burning unnecessary trades. Thanks for the comment, hope you tune in tonight!


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