Introducing our exciting, new, weekly article – ‘Buy, Sell, Hold” – where we will take a look at players and their expected price rises/falls and even talk you out of what could be a trade that you may live to regret!

In order, all these guys are about to go BOOM! So if you don’t have them, BUY them this week or they’ll cost you too much next week.

Marcus Adams
Team Western Bulldogs
Position Fwd/Def
Price 117.3k
Break even -149
Expected Price Rise 114.4k
Scores 82, 135

Tom Papley
Team: Sydney Swans
Position: Fwd
Price: 109.9k
Breakeven: -149
Projected Price Rise: 113.6k
Scores: 104, 109

Sam Kerridge
Team: Carlton
Position: Fwd/ Mid
Price: 137.6k
Breakeven: -112
Projected Price Rise: 71.8k
Scores: 86, 106

Ben Kennedy
Team: Melbourne
Position: Fwd/ Mid
Price: 187.3k
Breakeven: -110
Projected Price Rise: 78.4k
Scores: 115, 105

Daniel Wells
Team: North Melbourne
Position: Fwd/ Mid
Price: 243.9k
Breakeven: -78
Projected Price Rise: 67.3k
Scores: 99, 121

Anthony McDonald- Tipungwuti
Team: Essendon
Position: Def/ Fwd
Price: 102.4k
Breakeven: -74
Projected Price Rise: 62.7k
Scores: 50, 84

George Hewett
Team: Sydney
Position: Mid
Price: 123.9k
Breakeven: -72
Projected Price Rise: 63.8k
Scores: 96, 48

Ryan Davis
Team: Gold Coast
Position: Mid
Price: 102.4k
Breakeven: -60
Projected Price Rise: 53.3k
Scores: 57, 63

Connor Menadue
Team: Richmond
Position: Fwd/ Mid
Price: 155.4k
Breakeven: -52
Projected Price Rise: 43.6k
Scores: 80, 63

Darcy Parish
Team: Essendon
Position: Mid
Price: 202.8k
Breakeven: -48
Projected Price Rise: 58.0k
Scores: 69, 97

Some other notable Break Evens are
Mitch Brown: -46
Jarrad Waite: -42
Matt Dea: -42
Mitch McGovern: -30
Lincoln McCarthy: -28
Jacob Weitering: -26
Josh Dunkley: -26
Tom Liberatore: -24
David Zaharakis: -23
Wayne Milera: -20
Kane Lambert: -18
Callum Mills: -15
Clayton Oliver: -14
Jason Johannisen: -9
Aaron Hall: -3
Tom Hickey: 1
Josh Schache: 2
Jade Gresham: 3
Josh Gibson: 10
Jackson Merrett: 12
Corey Ellis: 15
Ryan Crowley: 22
Brad Crouch: 24
Josh J Kennedy: 26
Tom Scully: 31
Zach Merrett: 34
Luke Parker: 37
Jesse Lonergan: 39
Matt Crouch: 43
Lachie Hunter: 45
Jake Stringer: 53
Brodie Smith: 63
Sam Mitchell: 69

All of these above players should be contemplated as well, as all should increase in value this week. So that’s the Buy part completed…

Much of the talk so far this week has been about Barlow and Rockliff for differing reasons, form and injury, but let’s be realistic, the whole of the Fremantle Football Club has played very ordinary football so far this season, so hence their players’ scores have suffered; “c’mon Ross, give us SuperCoach-ers some reprieve, play Barlow solely as a midfielder!”

But as you will see by the list below, you may have more pressing problems in your team (than Barlow and Rocky). I, as many others, have always been of the belief that you never sell a premium priced player. Yes, they might play a bad game every now and then, but you brought them for a reason; they are proven performers, hence their premium price.

So unless they are injured for an considerable time, e.g. Swan, hold your nerve and back your judgement! The list of the highest breakevens:

Sam Jacobs: 202
David Mundy: 198
Heath Shaw: 194
Todd Goldstein: 185
Tom Rockliff: 184
Josh P Kennedy: 177
Michael Barlow: 174
Nat Fyfe: 174
Travis Boak: 168
Scott Pendlebury: 167
Leigh Montagna: 167
Shane Mumford: 163
David Armitage: 159
Joel Selwood: 155
Mitch Duncan: 155
Rory Sloane: 155
Nick Riewoldt: 152
Jack Steven: 147

Remember Guys and Gals, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

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