Last Drinks – Western Bulldogs 2016 Preview

Blue Chip Investment
Luke Dahlhaus – $563,600 – FWD/MID  – Player Ownership: 12.17%

Luke Dahlhaus. What more do I have to say? After breaking the ton average for the first time in 2015 averaging 104 points a game, Dahlhaus was a force to be reckoned with and finished in the top four forwards for the 2015 season. With huge scores of 143, 136, 136 again and 125, Dahlhaus justifies his price tag and is a proven scorer that will never let you down.

Dahlhaus had scores of 75 and 82 in his two NAB games (Game 1 and 3) and has showed signs of playing more midfield in 2016. This is extremely SuperCoach relevant as I believe this could be the last time we have the opportunity to select Dahlhaus in our SuperCoach forward lines.
Will you be selecting the skillful 23 year old who is going into his sixth season?- Let me know in the comments.
NAB SC scores: 82, 75

I chose two players for this category as I could not split them

Lachie Hunter – $415,500 – Midfielder – Player Ownership: 1.85%

2015 was a breakout season for Lachie Hunter. But it took a while to be one. Hunter took five rounds to break into the Dogs’ 22 when he finally cracked into the team in round six… But Hunter’s spot in the team was short lived, when he was omitted from the team in round nine after a crappy three games from him resulting in SuperCoach scores of 33, 48 and 63.

Fortunately Hunter regained his spot and played every game from round 16 all the way through to the Doggies’ Elimination Final against the Crows. Delivering solid scores such as-125, 124, 121, 111, 104, 85, 82 and 79 – Hunter showed he has powerful scoring capabilities.
At 415k after a strong finish to last year, and a strong start to 2016, will you be starting with the rising young gun Lachie Hunter?
NAB SC scores: 124, 99

Jason Johannisen – $418,200 –  Defender – Player Ownership: 7.81%

The NAB Challenge flavour of the month. Superb! Just superb! Is pretty much all you can say about Jason Johannisen’s NAB Challenge campaign. Playing two games and delivering two scores above 100 (113 and 129), Johannisen made many SuperCoaches consider him at a tasty price of $418k.

Currently sitting at my D3, Johannisen offers great value and has a great skill of being able to collect the pill. Racking up 24 disposals at 91% disposal efficiency in his first NAB game, and 33 disposals at 81% disposal efficiency in his second NAB game, Johannisen has done enough to justify his selection and is far too underpriced at 418k.

Will you be selecting the man with the worst hairstyle currently in the AFL? He had a handy average of 121 in the NAB Challenge… Let me know in the comments.
NAB SC scores: 113, 129

Position of Difference
Jackson Macrae – $539,100 – Midfielder  – Player Ownership: 0.58%

A ball magnet and tackling machine, Jackson Macrae continues to get better each season. Averaging 100 in just his second season and having an average of 99 last year (his third season), Macrae has already proven that he has great scoring capabilities at such a young age.

Macrae played two NAB challenge games and delivered two scores above 80 (85 and 90). In his first NAB game, Macrae managed to rack up 20 disposals (At 85% disposal efficiency), took 2 marks, laid three tackles and also managed to kick a goal. This outing showed that he can find the goals as well as being able to distribute the ball cleanly, having only three inefficient disposals.

In his second NAB game, Macrae managed to pick up 27 disposals (At 74% disposal efficiency), took 7 marks and managed to lay a handy 4 tackles. This performance shows Macrae’s near elite skill of being able to find the pill, justifying his price tag.

Tackling is a big key to a huge SuperCoach score and boy oh boy can Macrae tackle. After averaging 6 tackles last year Macrae has proven why he can rack up points and why he should be in consideration for your team. Macrae is only 21 and as he gets bigger he will be a better tackler… Let’s see how he goes in 2016.
NAB SC scores: 85, 90

Marcus Adams – $117,300 – FWD/DEF – Player Ownership: 15.10%

At 22 years of age, Adams is a mature ready made player who will be looking to make an impact for the doggies in 2016. He has FWD/DEF eligibility and if named round 1 should be straight into your team.

Adams started of his NAB Challenge campaign with a poor first game where he had 3 disposals, 1 mark and 2 tackles, resulting in a crappy score of 34.
Adams second game was a big improvement where he scored above 70 (76) which I think is an acceptable score for someone he’s price. Collecting 13 disposals (At 76% disposal efficiency), taking a solid 8 marks and laying 2 tackles.

Adams third game was just as good as his second when he again scored above 70 with a score of 72. This time Adams collected 14 disposals (At a classy 85% disposal efficiency), 5 marks and 2 tackles. A good all round performance.
At 117k, If he’s named round one you just can’t say no. Pray to the gods and wait patiently to see if Adams is named in the round one Doggies’ lineup.

Check out Aaron’s sensational article that features every teams potential round one team to see Jonathan Kha’s view on whether Marcus Adams is a chance to make is debut for the Doggies in round one.

NAB SC scores: 34, 76, 72

Will Minson – $407,700 – Ruck – Player Ownership: 0.95%

Poor old Minson… From Hero to Zero in just a couple of seasons. After his outstanding season in 2013 which rewarded him with All Australian honours and an end of year average of 114, Minson has hit rock bottom.
Struggling to stay in the best 22 in 2015 under coach Luke Beveridge, Minson looked as if he didn’t care when he did play and dropped his average all the way down to 75.6 from nine games.

The facts and the message is clear. If you pick Minson you are out of your mind. Many thought he could change his attitude and get back to his best in 2016 but that doesn’t seem to be the case. He produced two crud scores below 70 in the NAB Challenge, which is the reason why I have chosen him as the stay away player in the Doggies’ line up.
NAB SC scores: 66, 69

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