Aaron’s Team!!

Like most of you, I’ve been playing around with my team since January, and recently that ‘playing around’ has been consuming most of my spare time. Monday night I decided I was happy with my structure and while there is definitely a chance I will change something, it is more than likely just going to be the rookies at this stage. As you go through my team I will briefly explain some of my decisions. My biggest sacrifice was to have a cheap rookie from D4, which came about mainly because I was content with the other 3 lines and figured something had to give to have the rest of the team the way I wanted it. Bare in mind, I haven’t really looked at the byes properly, but I will give them a quick look before lockout – last time I checked the team worked out ok!


Team Reveal DEF

I made a decision to go with Shaw despite his large price tag. He was the clear number 1 defender last year and I hope he can lead the GWS defence again. Kade Simpson is actually a POD at the moment (3% of sides), despite averaging over 92 every year since 2009. There are other options around, like Kade Kolodjashnij, so I am hoping this isn’t the year Simpson starts to drop off. Jamie Macmillan is the controversial one on this line. I must admit I have had him in my side for as long as I’ve had Fyfe in this side. I was very keen on him last year but stayed away. He averaged a reasonable 88.7, but was injured a couple of time. He showed his ability with blocks of 92, 92, 92, 78, 140, 108 & 101 and 94, 121, 107 & 94 either side of an injury. I’ve played around with getting in Weitering or Harwood in at D4, but it means downgrading someone I want to keep in my side. Defence is most likely the first place I will look to upgrade.


Team Reveal MID

I’m not going to say too much about Fyfe, Dangerfield or Ablett. They picked themselves for me, and I could have quite easily replaced them with other 600k mids, so it was just personal preference. I have grabbed Shiel on the back of a really solid NAB and just the thought of him being a year older. Hopefully he’s able to shake tags a bit better, as heavy attention got the better of him a couple of times last year. Rockliff is a 600k+ player on his day, so I wasn’t saying no at a price of 550k! I’ve heard people worry about him being rested forward because of cap rotations, but I have no concern with that because he’s still on field, hopefully getting touches and slotting goals. Liberatore and Crouch both appealed to me at their price so I was greedy and took both – will it pay off? Who knows, but it’s worth a crack. Menadue should slot into Tiger’s best 22 on a wing and Gresham should play early for Saints. Final two spots will be altered when sides are out.


Team Reveal RUCK

For the same reason I picked Shaw, I have gone Goldstein because he was the out and out best SuperCoach ruckman last year. He averaged 128, which is crazy enough, but a closer look at his stats shows he averaged 138.9 over his last 16 games (including finals) and 142 over his last 13 regular season games…. Beast! Gawn had his breakout last year and while NicNat & Jacobs were tempting, Gawn’s three NAB Challenge scores of 138, 112 & 111 were enough to convince me to hold him. I wonder if he’ll be there come Round 1 lockout? Wyatt is purely for loophole purposes; decided not to go with the Grimley option.


Team Reveal FWD

Dusty Martin had the most upside of the highest priced forward premiums and after having Deledio for a while, I went back to Martin for the extra 30 odd thousand dollars. He averaged 105 SuperCoach points last year, his best ever, so I’m hoping he can stay on the park and average 105 or better in 2016. We all know Michael Barlow can average 110+, in fact he’s done it in 3/6 of his AFL seasons (2010 – 116, 2013 – 110, 2014 – 112). It looked like he was played in a slightly different role last year but word is that Ross Lyon wants to get him back into his old midfield role. If he was a midfielder only player, I wouldn’t have picked him, but he gets the nod because we can take him as a forward. I’ve gone Toby Greene over Aaron Hall, and have actually had Nick Riewoldt, Jack Billings and Jake Stringer in this position at various times. Toby’s SuperCoach averages have been up and down; he has averaged 95, 73, 103 and 83. However, I think some people forget he’s only 22, which is credit to how dominant he was when he entered the AFL. His 70 during the NAB Challenge wasn’t particularly impressive, but on the flip side, his 133 from 20 disposals was very impressive. He has the talent so I’m backing him in – Hall is still a good option for those who have gone him for 20k less. I had Ben Kennedy in F4 for a while, but I managed to free up cash and thought Daniel Wells’ price, ability and NAB scores outweighed his age and past injuries. Kerridge the biggest lock this year and the other three will be picked after teams are out.

Thoughts? Questions?…. Keep in mind the team is subject to change – Gawn down to Smith and Weitering in at D4 is one option, but I’m more comfortable with current structure.

5 thoughts on “Aaron’s Team!!

    1. Thanks, Jimmy… I’m ended up happy with it so it will stay, but then I look at other teams with different structures and able to fit in some dearer and rookies and they look quite good too. This year has been a hard year to plan a side.



  1. Love the guns & rookies approach. Something inside me tells me that the mid price options this year are a bit safer than previous years though. I’m stuck!


    1. Yeah I’ve only really gone with Crouch & Libba as mid-pricers…. Wells too, but he’s almost rookie priced…. Think I may even need to sack crouch as well, just to get a better D4 and some better rookies – if my rookies aren’t named.


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