Last Drinks – North Melbourne

Blue Chip Investment
Todd Goldstein – RUCK – $695,100
He is the dearest player in SuperCoach and the dearest ruckman by a long way, but that is for good reason. Last year he averaged 128.81, while the second ruckman to him was Stefan Martin, who averaged 110.75. He only failed once last year, scoring a 44 in Round 8 vs Fremantle. Other than that, his only sub 100 scores were a 92 and a 98; pretty handy if you ask me! Goldy scored 140 or more on eight occassions (including finals); this equates to a 140+ score every 3 games. He cracked the magical 200 mark last year with a 27 disposal, 8 mark, 4 tackle, 56 hit out effort against Essendon in Round 16, scoring 221 points… Oh an in case you haven’t got him yet, he averaged 138.9 in the last 16 games of his season (3 finals in that) and 142.5 in the last 13 games of the regular season. Gun.
NAB SC scores: 129 & 84

Mid Price Potential
Daniel Wells – MID/FWD – $243,900
While we consider Wells a mid-priced player, he is close to rookie priced as well, making him really good value. I currently have him in my side and while his age and injury concerns are there, I am still believe that he’s worth the punt. We can’t really analyse his two games, from last year, in terms of SuperCoach, but he scored over 100 twice, and 98 once, in his seven games during 2014. Between 2010-2013 he played 19, 21, 19 and 22 games respectively and averaged between 87.9-104.2 in that time. Usually you would hope a mid-priced player stays a keeper, but at Wells’ price, I would be happy if he at least made money before failing me and became a stepping stone to a premium. Solid in the NAB Challenge.
NAB SC scores: 119 & 98

Point of Difference
Jamie Macmillan – DEF – $478,700
Macmillan broke into North’s regular side in his third season, playing 22 games in both 2012 and 2013. His average rose from 62 to 72 in those years and then he was struck down by injury in 2014, only playing 4 games. Last year, he averaged 88.7 from 14 games, in which he did show his scoring ability; stringing together 3-4 scores of 90-100 on several occasions. Unfortunately, he was struck down by a few small injuries, which meant he couldn’t play a full season, and it also affected his SuperCoach average; many of his poor scores were in games he injured himself. He’s currently in 1% of sides.
NAB SC scores: 83 & 83

Ryan Clarke – MID – $117,300
Clarke will be on the fringe early in the season, but I would have him ahead of Mitchell Hibberd at the moment, who is actually selected in more teams currently. Don’t be too concerned by his second NAB Challenge score of 30, as he only played 27% time on ground. His 83 against St.Kilda was impressive; he didn’t look out of place at the top level.
NAB SC scores: 83 & 30

Stay Away
Jack Ziebell – MID – $467,900
Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Jay-Z play, that’s for sure! He’s tough, gets the contested ball, sneaks forward for goals and is a good leader. But, he’s not a SuperCoach relevant player. Over the last few years, I’ve always had a sneaky look at him. He is only 25, so I am happy for him to prove me wrong, but I can’t see him changing his last five averages of 79, 81, 95, 84 and 87. He will tempt you with his big tackling games, or when he sneaks forward and slots three goals and scores 140+ like he can. But he’s just as likely to come out the following week and score 60 or 70. He’s also been known to get suspended or injured. While I’m at it, I wouldn’t be grabbing Jed Anderson until he’s shown something, at his 223k price tag. But 12.8% currently think he is a good option….
NAB SC scores: 97, 91 & 76

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