Round 1 Teams – Fan Perspective

When it comes to SuperCoach we all wonder which rookies might get a gig, will the player we thinking might break out even make the side, how bad is that players injury? It can be hard to keep up with all 18 clubs and even the media only know so much. Aaron decided to quiz a few fans on how they think they team will line up. You might even recognise a few of these fans names from around Twitter and SuperCoach circles. Thanks to Matt and Paul who both did a second team after doing some research! Enjoy!

Adelaide – Heath Moss

Brisbane – Sheldon Devlin

Carlton – Alexie Beovich

Collingwood – Paige Cardona

Essendon – Josh Garlick

Fremantle – Matthew Storey

Geelong – Daniel Short

Gold Coast – Paul DuVergier

Greater Western Sydney – Ashley Symons

Hawthorn – Paul DuVergier

Melbourne – Adam Watson

North Melbourne – Dean Phelps

Port Adelaide – Nathan King

Richmond – Jesse Caldera

St.Kilda – Aaron Moor

Sydney – Matthew Storey

West Coast – Zac Hev

Western Bulldogs – Johnathan Kha

Thanks again to all all involved! I found it quite an interesting discussion with these fans about possible inclusions an omissions. Do you agree or disagree with some of these? Let us know your thoughts.


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