Last Drinks – Hawthorn 2016 Preview

Blue Chip Investment
Sam Mitchell – $586,600 – Midfielder
Since Sam Mitchell’s first game all those years ago, he has been a ball magnet and consistently the leading possession getter for not only Hawthorn but amongst the top echelon in the AFL. Now after 285 games and averaging 26.1 disposals per game over his career and no signs of slowing down, Sam is still definitely SuperCoach relevant.
Another plus side to Sam Mitchell is his consistency. From his 24 games last year his lowest score was 86 (vs Geelong) with a high of 144 ( vs Fremantle) which is great to know that he can be relied upon.
NAB SC scores: 139, 157

Mid Pricer
Luke Breust – $446,300 – Forward
Breust finds himself in this position after a very solid preseason in which he has spent some time moving through Hawthorn’s midfield. Everybody knows that Luke is a crack shot in front of goals, but if he gets more time collecting possessions to go with his natural small forward role, he all of a sudden becomes very relevant in SuperCoach.

In his last four years he has averaged above 80, with a little more ball that could easily get up to 90s or 100 average, which would be great for a forward. Luke has also been very durable over his first five years, notching up 116 games already,  giving you that extra piece of mind that he will be on the paddock week in, week out.
NAB SC scores: 104, 99

Point Of Difference
Luke Hodge – $584,400 – Midfielder
This really surprised me, but the Hawthorn captain, the one and only Luke Hodge, is only owned in 2.3% of sides at the moment. Look, if you haven’t already realised this guy leaves nothing on the paddock, always giving his all right until the end.
Of his last nine years, in eight of those he has averaged above 90 points per season and last year he produced six scores of 130 or more !
Priced at $584K, he wouldn’t look out of place sitting in your midfield.
NAB SC scores: 85, 81

James Sicily – $222,900 – Forward
Because Hawthorn is such a strong side, rookie priced players really do have to bide their time in the VFL and seem to get limited exposure at the top level. However, due to a couple of retirements and other players leaving the fold (plus the untimely injury to Roughead), it has presented James Sicily with an opportunity to get a decent run at it, who has had an impressive and uninterrupted preseason.

With Roughead being out until mid season, James could quite easily play the first 10-12 games to go with his three games from last year where against the Lions he scored an excellent 84 points. Owned in just 1.2% of teams at the moment !
NAB SC scores: 54, 46, 51

Stay Away
Ryan Schoenmakers – $339,500 – Forward
Ryan Schoenmakers finally got his just desserts last year playing in his first premiership, playing a great role for the mighty Hawks and even produced a couple of great plays, most noteworthy that mark!

But he is definitely not what I would refer to as SuperCoach relevant. Over his career his highest end of season average is 68.3 and with a starting price of $339K so there is absolutely no incentive to take a risk on the Hawthorn swing man this season.
NAB SC scores: 35, 23, 67

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