Last Drinks – Gold Coast 2016 Preview

Blue Chip Investment
Gary Ablett – MID – $623,200
I thought long and hard about who  could possibly fit the bill from the Gold Coast, but in the end there is only one!
If you have been stuck under a rock, in the past eight years this guy’s lowest average prior to last year’s average of 115.5 (albeit from only six games) was 127.
So effectively you are getting an absolute bargain at the moment and is currently owned by only 42.8% of coaches. I don’t understand what the other 57.2% are thinking not starting with him!
NAB Scores: Did not play

Mid Price Potential
Aaron Hall – MID/FWD – $428,100
Gold Coast are still developing, so hence I have a few to choose from, but this guy’s last seven games of last season were outstanding. His lowest score was 92 and his highest of 150 points was just epic, so to be still priced at $428K seems a bargain!

With two hundreds in the preseason next to his name as well, it seems he has started where he left off, with more midfield time.
Also a bonus with Hall is he is a Dual Position Player (DPP), so add that extra element as well . Still only features in 9.6% of sides to date !
NAB Scores: 81, 123, 131


Point Of Difference
Dion Prestia – MID – $545,000
With Gary Ablett dominating so many sides and a reluctance of people too start to many players from the same side on the one line,  Dion Prestia has been largely over looked by many. This should not be the case as Dion has proven himself to be very reliable with seven of his eight games last year posting scores above 92 and only the game he was under that (59 points), he was injured.

At the moment he is only owned in 0.6% of sides which should rise when he’s named for round one. He is still only 23 which also points to a lot of upside for this ball magnet to improve.
NAB Scores: DNP

Ryan Davis – MID – $102,400
Once again a few to choose from, but I have actually gone with the mature age rookie here; Ryan Davis priced at a very appealing $102K and currently in 12% of sides.

Davis actually made his debut for the West Coast Eagles way back in 2008 and managed 14 games in 2008 and 2009 before eventually being delisted. At the ripe old age of 26 he has been given that second
chance to forge a career so I expect him to grasp the opportunity with both hands and hopefully make a lot of cash quick for those who run with him.
Please note he still needs to be upgraded to the senior list, maybe this will happen with Dave Swallow getting placed on long term injury list… Watch this space!
NAB Scores: 67, 65, 63

Stay Away
Nick Malceski – DEF – $383,300
Didn’t think I would ever put this guy here but Nick Malceski has bought it on himself. After his incredible year in 2014 where he averaged 105, he started the next year the highest priced defender, sucked everyone in and spat out a miserly 71 average in 2015.

Don’t get me wrong when this guy plays a full season he has finished with averages of 101, 90, 96
and 105. With the well publicised knee issues it doesn’t seem possible that his body could get him through a full season, especially at 31 years of age.
He is currently priced at $382K which is a very risky price to be gambling on if his body will hold up or not. 7.6% of coaches out there think he is worth the price, NOT ME!
NAB Scores: 36, 62

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