Last Drinks – Adelaide 2016 Preview

Blue Chip Investment
Rory Sloane – MID – $569,300
Ignore Rory’s NAB Challenge scores and think of them as merely the light jog in the warm-up before the main bout. Sloane is a star and now the number one in Adelaide’s midfield. Averaged a touch under 115 in 2014 before a few injuries got the better of him last year. That’s not the case this year and he should return to his best form.
NAB SC scores: 72, 87

Mid Price Potential
Matt Crouch – MID – $368,400
The talk almost all pre-season has been regarding Brad Crouch, but it’s his younger brother Matt that I’m considering more seriously. Proved he’s got a spot in Don Pyke’s Dangerfieldless midfield with more than 20 touches in every NAB fixture. Entering his third year and ready to break-out.
NAB SC scores: 115, 117, 96


Point of Difference
Tom T Lynch – FWD – $476,900
Not sure what it is, but there’s something about Tom Lynch that is really tempting me this season. Averaged 88 with six 100s last year, and has had a very impressive pre-season too. If he can lift his average to 95 he’ll be worth it, but it is a big step to take.
NAB SC scores: 129, 95, 82

Wayne Milera – FWD – $175,800
The young forward played every NAB Challenge game and showed signs in every one of them. Even though he’s a little pricier than the other forward rookies, if he’s named for round one he will be worth every penny.
NAB SC scores: 84, 54, 75

Stay Away
Eddie Betts – FWD – $464,800
We have all seen that Eddie can pull off the miraculous, but his NAB Challenge was the perfect indicator of why you shouldn’t consider him for your forward line.

He scored 202 in his first match with goals, kicks and assists aplenty, but struggled in his second with only 38 points from 86% game time. Not good enough for anyone, let alone someone at his price.
NAB SC scores: 202, 38

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