Last Drinks – Sydney 2016 Preview

Blue Chip Investment
Daniel Hannebery – MID – $617,900
It’s tough to pick who should be the Swans blue chip investment given the depth of their midfield, but Hannebery just edged out Kennedy for only one reason – the fact that he uses the ball by foot more than Kennedy.
Often regarded as a fast starter and slow finisher, Hanners did a lot to dispel this tag last season, and things are only going to get better this year. He has had the best pre-season of his career, culminating in his second place finish in the Swans 3km time trial, behind NSW U-18 800 metre champion Jack Hiscox. Don’t be concerned about Hannebery’s NAB Challenge form and look for him to start 2016 off with a bang!
NAB SC scores: 76, 86

Mid Price Potential
Dean Towers – FWD – $259,000
Permanent forwards rarely score well but Towers has a tank that allows him to roam up the ground a little bit like Nick Riewoldt does. I believe Towers will be in the Swans best 22 taking over the role vacated by the retirement of Adam Goodes.

Played quite well in a depleted Swans side in the finals last year but does have a tendancy to butcher the ball which can lead to lower scores. One to consider.
NAB SC scores: 127, 36

Point Of Difference
Callum Sinclair – RUC/FWD – $409,500
The Swans have a good record of picking ruckmen from other clubs and then turn them into some of the best in the AFL – think Jolly and Mumford. With the lowering of the number of substitutions allowed to 90 rucks who can go forward, take marks and kick goals are going to be important. From all reports Tippett will maintain the #1 spot but I believe that Sinclair can get enough of his own ball that he will still be a viable option. I would pick him as a forward rather than a ruck but his DPP could come in handy.
NAB SC scores: 84, 114

Callum Mills – MID – $211,800
There’s a reason why Melbourne bid pick 3 for Mills in the draft and that’s because he is a freak. Don’t be concerned about the price tag or whether he will get enough game time. He’ll justify his price with his scores and will play almost every game barring injury. The Swans lack a player off half-back who can use the ball well. I think that Mills’ development will be aided by this fact and if you can afford to spend the cash he will be well worth the investment.
NAB SC scores: 95 ,72

Stay Away
Lance Franklin – FWD – $470,100
I’ve got huge concerns on Franklin’s ability to return and dominate like he has in the past. He has looked a little bit lethargic in his first game back, which probably isn’t to be unexpected, but because of this I just don’t think you can justify starting with Budwa. If nothing else, give him until the byes and if starts to look like he is back to his best he could be a handy mid-season pick up.
NAB SC scores: 36, 62

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