The R3 Dilemma

In the past three or four AFL seasons, SuperCoaches have been starved of having a playing ruck bench rookie. As a result of this coaches have been using the captain loophole (which I will explain later in the article), as a way to choose another player as captain if your first choice captain fails.

In 2016 the situation is different. With up to four possible players to choose from for our ruck bench that are very likely to play round one, we will have to choose whether we want ruck cover or the loophole… Here’s my take.

Loophole options
All loophole options are at the basement price of $102k:

Matthew Korcheck (BLUES)
After the Blues’ horrible 2015 season, Carlton have been banished from playing Friday night games and will not play a single game on a Friday this year. Knowing this it will make us more comfortable when picking Korcheck as a loophole player has he will never play in the first game of the round (except for Thursday night in round one against Richmond).

The only problem with Korcheck is that he is not a DPP so he cannot be used as a link with Grimley or another player as ruck bench cover.

Darren Wyatt (PIES)
Darren Wyatt could be a handy loophole player as he has that DPP link with some players who will be playing in the forward position. Knowing this we can feel comfortable knowing that we have the option to use the loophole as well as knowing we have backup. The only problem (and it’s a big problem) is that the Pies play four Friday night games.

Cameron Loersch (SUNS)
In the same boat as Darren Wyatt, Loersch has that handy DPP Link. Something else that is very handy is that the Suns play no Friday night games, the same as Carlton.

Vice Captain Loophole explained: The vice captain loophole is a great way to generate more points for your SuperCoach team. The idea is to have a player that you know will not play in the AFL season and put him on the field – it offers you a second chance at your captaincy choice which can win or lose you head to head matches.

For more details on the VC Loophole, check out Aaron’s insightful article here.

Ruck Cover (likely to play early)
These guys are any price below 170k:

Sam Grimley (ESS)
Played O.K. in his two NAB games has the DPP so he can be ruck cover even if he’s not on the bench as a ruck.

Mason Cox (PIES)
Same scenario as Grimley, except that he played exceptionally well in his two NAB games.

Daniel Currie (SUNS)
Behind Tom Nicholls as the number one ruck but played very well in the ruck against no other than star Eagle Nic Naitanui.

Sam Michael (ESS)
Behind Grimley for me. Doesn’t have that DPP either. A no for me currently but he did play well in his first NAB game.

The Teams Thoughts

Schon – Schon has decided to use the ruck loop hole. Schon has also decided that he will use DPP and have someone like a Grimley on his forward bench if backup is needed.

Shorty – Shorty is currently unsure. Depending on how durable he thinks his ruck starters will be, Shorty ideally would like ruck cover.

Aaron – Aaron has decided to go with bench cover at the moment but says that can change at any given time.

Matty – Matty has decided to go with bench cover for his team this year.

Paul – At the moment Paul has decided to go with the loophole but has stated he will look to have a loophole player elsewhere.

Jesse – Jesse has decided to go with Mason Cox which he believes will play some weeks and won’t play others, a win-win.

Declan – Declan is thinking about having Cameron Loersch from the Suns as a DPP loophole player. He then plans to have Grimley or Cox on his forward bench just in case he requires back up.

My verdict – I have currently gone for the loophole option using Suns’ rookie Ruckman Cameron Loersch.

Now over to you guys, tell us in the comments what option your going for.

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