Rate My Team 2016

Here we go again! The 2016 AFL season is devilishly close, so back again for another season is our Rate My Team segment.

Post your squad in the comments, we’ll cast our eyes over your selections and offer some feedback.

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349 thoughts on “Rate My Team 2016

  1. My SuperCoach Team for 2016:

    Tom McDonald , Bachar Houli, Rory Laird, Jason Johanissen, Michael Hartley, Nathan Broad.

    Nat Fyfe, Partick Dangerfield , Scott Pendlebury, Gary Ablett, Tom Liberatore , Callum Mills, Clayton Oliver, Sam Kerridge.

    Forwards :
    Dustin Martin, Luke Daulhaus , Michael Barlow, Daniel Wells, Connor Mendaue, Mitch Brown.


    1. Okay Jarrad, welcome to SCHQ mate – lets have a squiz at what you’ve put together. Defenders first and you have spent a lot of money here, having JJ at D4. I’m sure they’ll all score well for you, but are you using up too much money on this line? We’ll see. Like your onfield rookies, they’ll both play and do okay without setting the world on fire.

      To your mids and I like this line – possibly a little short having Libba at M5, but its not too bad as your first four are out-and-out stars. I’m sure Oliver will play – whether he scores that well in a Demons team that is running surprisingly deep at the moment remains to be seen.

      Rucks and no problem there – two stars, set and forget.

      Forwards and I love the Dahlhaus pick, and Wells, Menadue and Brown round it out pretty well. No major issues here either mate.

      Overall this is a pretty good line-up Jarrad – if I had to change something I’d perhaps downgrade one of those defenders and use the cash to possibly get one more star midfielder in there if I could, but even without doing that I think you’re nicely placed.


  2. Interested to see what you think

    Defence: Laird, Gibson, Johannisen, Sheridan, Weitering, Dea (Byrne-Jones, Ruggles)

    Midfield: Danger, Ablett, Mitchell, Shiel, M Crouch, Libba, Lonergan, Mills (G Hewett, Keays, Davis)

    Rucks: Nic Nat, Gawn (Cox)

    Forwards: Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Milera, Kerridge (Petracca, Adams)


    1. Welcome Jezac, we’re interested to see what you’ve put together. Defenders first up as always and this is a nicely weighted line to start things off – I really like JJ, I think he can explode a little this season. Sheridan I’m not as sold on, but he should still be a solid pick. I’d rather see Mitch Brown or Hartley on the bench there though.

      To your mids and I love the Mitchell selection – Sam or Tom, either are a great POD pick. Shiel too is absolute quality and not in too many sides. Lonergan is interesting in the middle – when he Suns midfielders all come back I’m just worried how it will affect his scores. Still, you might have moved him on by then. Good bench here.

      Nic Nat and Gawn – top combo, good job.

      Forwards and some popular names there, with Milera the exception. I think he’ll play and I think he’ll do alright, so despite his slightly higher price I reckon he’ll be good for you. Just monitor Petracca on that bench – I don’t know whether he’ll play the first few rounds.

      Good team Jezac, nicely structured with lots of popular picks and also some quality PODs. Well done.


  3. Interested in your thought on my team

    Def: Laird, bartel, rich, Sheridan, weitering, Hartley
    Bench: broad, Collins

    Mid: pendelbury, ablett, shiel, Rockliff, wines, libberatore, mills, kerridge
    Bench: hewett, keays, Davis

    Rucks: Martin, naitanui
    Bench cox

    Forwards: Martin, Dahlhause, Barlow, wells, milera, menadue
    Bench: kommer, yarran

    $2,900 bank


    1. Mate, thanks firstly for putting your team up for us to look over …….. But you have done a stellar job and I can’t fault you on anything, you have some great POD’s on each line while still maintaining a great structure !!
      Sit back and wait for round one teams!


  4. Hi guys, i would really appreciate you running an eye over my team.



    1. Hey there Floody,
      Cheers for hitting us up for comments !!
      First of all your injuries, well at least they won’t be there round 1 include Deledio, Petracca and Morabito so they need to be moved on unless you want to carry one for your VC/C loophole …
      Next your backline looks high risk, has great depth, but in my opinion there are some great rookie options in the backline this yr so maybe get rid of either Hurn or Smith who I see as the greatest risk down to a rookie and upgrade someone in your forward line which is extremely light on … You have three expensive rookies in your forward line Anderson Simpkin and Kennedy of those three, I think the worst one is Anderson so maybe use the cash that you generate from the sale of your backman to upgrade Anderson to s premium ! It will add a bit more strength to your side and setup ….
      Lastly Leuy is high high risk, your call but maybe with some cash from somewhere, any where get him up to a Zac smith or Lobbe or Nichols are all better options in my opinion !!
      Cheers and good luck !!


  5. Here’s the winning combo of supercoach this year 😉 haha.
    Please rate it.

    Def: Rance, Gibson, KK, B.Smith, M.Brown (Ess), K.Collins. EMG: Broad, Ruggles

    Mids: Ablett, Hannebery, Shiel, Rockliff, Wines, Liberatore, Mills, Kerridge EMG: Keays, Dunkley, R.Davis (GC)

    Rucks: Naitanui, Gawn EMG: Grimley

    Fwds: Martin, Dahlhaus, Barlow, Wells, Simpkin, McCarthy EMG: Petracca, Tipungwuti


    1. Thanks for using Rate my Team first and foremost,

      Your team looks very solid !
      Your back has a few risks in it,
      BSmith has burnt many over time and priced awkwardly so if you “roll the dice” with him good luck to you
      But this game is all about risk vs reward so it could pay off in dividends ! The rest definitely worth a shot !!
      Midfield looks great and you should be happy to roll with what you got set up
      Petracca not playing at least first few rounds !
      Rucks like too see that someone is rolling with big Nic Nat hope he pays off
      Love the forward line !
      Cheers and good luck !!


  6. hi guys would love some advise on my first try,
    def;r.laird,k simpson,j bartel,d rich,m hartley,k collin(tipung,t ruggles)
    mid;dangerfield,pendlebutry,ablett,d shiel,rockling,liberatore,b crouch,b kennedy (d gore,jgresham,r davies)
    ruck;goldthing,m gawn ( m.cox)
    def;t green,m barlow,a hall,w milera,skerridge,c petracca (m brown, sgrimsley)
    not many dollars left and feedback would be great
    thanks jojo


    1. Hey there JoJo,
      Thanks for hitting us up on Rate My Team….
      First of all, for a first attempt you have done fantastically with all lines very solid and capable of churning out big scores ..
      My only main qualm’s would be your Defense caring both KSimpson and JBartel both amazing players over a long period of time but I feel both will be managed this season at some stage or another, so maybe one of those out, for a player with a bit more Youth eg Duryea Yeo Rampe etc etc plenty of great options anyway ….
      My only other thing Petracca won’t be back for the first few weeks !
      Thanks for your post and good luck !!


  7. Defence: Shaw Rance Gibson Yeo Byrne Bonner
    Midfield: Fyfe Dangerfield Ablett Rockliff Liberatore O’Meara Parish Hewett
    Ruck: Goldstein Leuenberger
    Forward: Martin Wingard Gunston Wells Kerridge Petracca


    1. G’day Harith and welcome to the site. Plenty of teams to rate before tomorrow so we’ll keep it short and sweet. Your backline has issues – I don’t think Bonner or Byrne will play, so swap them for one of the Essendon defenders – Dea, Brown or Hartley, and maybe Broad from Richmond. O’Meara is out injured so he has to go from that midfield, maybe for Crouch? Otherwise fine, as long as Hewett is named. Luey is a big risk in the ruck but again, if he is named he should score okay – as long as he can stay on the field. Good forwardline except for Petracca – he wont play for the first couple at least, look at someone like Menadue in there. Good luck!


  8. Been list managing all day so here goes:

    B: shaw, laird, suckling, lonergan, m. brown, dea, broad, ruggles
    M: fyfe, dangerfield, ablett, rockliff, parker, liberatore, lach weller, kerridge, keogh, gore, r. davis
    R: goldstein, gawn, chol
    F: deledio, barlow, steele, wells, menadue, papley, petracca, mcdonald-tipungwuti


    1. Welcome Stephen, lets go through your teams pros and cons. I really like your backline, no issues there with a nice balance and Suckling a good POD. Midfield is quality, not exactly sold on Lach Weller but if he gets named he could do alright – beware the Ross Lyon rookie factor though. No issue at all with the rucks. To your forwards and I love Steele as a POD – its a very gutsy pick, but he has shown plenty in the NAB. This line is pretty thin – I don’t think Papley will play and Petracca will miss the first couple at least, so just be wary of that. Good job mate.


  9. This is an update on my team following Daves feedback! I would appreciate any feedback once again!

    Backline: Shaw, Rance, Laird, Weitering, M.Brown, Broad (Collins, Tucker)

    Mids: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Hannebery, Rockliff, Libba, Mills, Oliver (Keays, Beech, Davis)

    Rucks: Gawn, Natnui (Chol)

    Forwards: Martin, S.Gray, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Menadue (Petracca, Mcdonald-Tipu)

    $9,000 left in the bank 🙂


    1. Okay Jordan, lets see how it looks this time around. I like that backline a lot – Laird slotted in there really firms it up, good job. Broad will play too I think. Excellent midfield, strengthened up with Oliver on the field rather than Keays.

      Rucks are still fine, even though you lose Martin this is still a very strong combo. Quality forwardline also mate, the addition of Sam Gray could be a masterstroke. As with the others on here, just monitor Petracca as I don’t think he’ll play for the first 2 or 3 at least.

      Very nice team now Jordan, well done. Very well balanced – I’d expect you to do nicely.


  10. Great read this thread! Hoping you could take a look at my side. Any feedback is good feedback!
    Backs: Laird Murphy Gibson Hurn Dea Hartley ( Adams Broad)
    Mids: Dangerfield Ablett Gray Sheil Rockliff B.Crouch Mills B.Kennedy ( Hewett Davis Keays)
    Rucks: Nic Nat Jacobs (Cox)
    Forwards: Martin Barlow Hall Wells Kerridge Menadue ( McDonald Brown)


    1. Glad you enjoy the site Lockdog, we do our best. As for your side I’m impressed wit that defence, with two solid PODs in Murphy and Hurn. Nothing at all wrong with that midfield either, good mix with nice uniques in Shiel and Gray. Good rucks – set and forget there. Very nice forwards too – really good mix. Nothing to do with this side Lockdog – just monitor your bench rookies at wait for the fun to begin.


  11. Love your work this year guys. Let me know what you think of this team.
    Defence: H.Shaw, A.Rance, E.Yeo, J.aish, J.Weitering, M.Brown(ess) (Bench: S.Collins, N.Broad)

    Mids: N.Fyfe, G.Ablett, M.Priddis, J.Kennedy, M.Crouch, T.Libberatore, C.Mills, J.Hopper (Bench: R.Mathieson, T.Phillips, R.Davis)

    Rucks: T.Goldstein, M.Lobbe (bench: M.Cox)

    Forwards: D.Martin, M.Barlow, E.Betts, D.Wells, J.Simpkin, S.Kerridge (Bench: N.Kommer, C.Petracca)


    1. G’Day Mazza,
      Thanks for hitting up the site …
      Only have a few quick comments to make a side looks very solid with some nice POD’s
      Injuries/ not playing round 1
      But I guess they are just rookies so will be confirmed round 1
      Secondly and lastly ..
      I would like to see either another quality forward or backman in your team if you have any cash left or can generate some cash !!
      Cheers !


  12. Just finalising my side and world love to get some feedback on it!

    B: Rory Laird, Kade Kolodjashnij, Elliott Yeo, Jacob Weitering, Matt Dea, Michael Hartley (Tom Rugglew, Marcus Adams)

    M: Patrick Dangerfield, Scott Pendlebury, Gary Ablett, Matt Priddis, Tom Rockliff, Tom Liberatore, Callum Mills, Sam Kerridge (Jade Gresham, Ben Keays, Ryan Davis)

    R: Todd Goldstein, Sam Jacobs (Mabier Chol)

    F: Luke Dahlhaus, Michael Barlow, Aaron Hall, Daniel Wells, Ben Kennedy, Mitch Brown (ess) (Connor Menadue, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti)

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Hey there Scotty, lets see what you’ve got. Very nice backline, with Yeo now a POD as most have jumped off him after an ordinary NAB. Only one real star though, which is a slight concern. Excellent midfield, no issue there at all. Top notch rucks also, set and forget as with most teams. Nice mix in that forwardline also, I don’t see a problem there, and excellent bench cover. This is a very well balanced team Scotty, I’d leave it as is. Nicely done, enjoy the season!


  13. G’day Dave,
    Def: A Rance, J Mcgovern, P Seedsman, T Bugg, E Mackenzie, J Weitering (Bench: C Byrne, M, Brown)
    Mid: N Fyfe, P Dangerfield, G Ablett, T Adams, P Cripps, L Hunter, J Kelly (GWS) and J Steele (Bench: S Kerridge, B Keays, S Menegola)
    Ruck: R Stanley, N Vardy (Bench: S Grimley)
    Fwd: J Billings, T Greene, J Stringer, J De Goey, T Boyd, D Wells (Bench: J Long, C Petracca)

    Any thoughts are appreciated thanks


    1. Hi there Billy, welcome. Quick assessment of your team and its very unique that’s for sure. I don’t mind your first three defenders and Weitering, but I’d toss out Bugg and Mackenzie. Get one of the Bomber defenders – Dea, Brown or Hartley – onto the field and use the extra cash to upgrade Bugg to a better option. To your mids and again lots of unique players, but you’ve spent too much cash here – try and get some cheaper options – Wells, Mills, or Parish – in place of Hunter, Kelly and Steele (who I like a lot) to free up some cash to upgrade your rucks. Speaking of which they need a lot of work – Stanley might go okay but now has Zac Smith to contend with, and I’d cut Vardy loose. You need at least one star here – Goldy, NicNat, Gawn, Jacobs, Mummy – and then if you want a cheaper option, look at Lobbe or Luenberger at a stretch. Forwards and try and get tow or three stars – Martin, Montagna, Barlow – then guys like Stringer and Billings, then some cheaper rookies like Kerridge (must have on the field) and Wells.

      Bit of work to do Billy – try and get your structure on each line being two or three guns, a couple of cheaper established players and then a couple of rookies or really cheap options. Good luck!


  14. Hi, just wondering if you could please take a look at my side and let me know what needs fixing.

    DEF: B.Houli, R.Laird, J.Gibson, R.Harwood, J.Weitering, M.Brown (INT) M.Hartley, M.Adams

    MID: P.Dangerfield, S.Pendlebury, G.Ablett, T.Rockliff, O.Wines, T.Liberatore, C.Mills, C.Oliver (INT) B.Keays, R.Clarke, R.Davis

    RUC: M.Gawn, B.Grundy (INT) M.Cox

    FOR: D.Martin, C.Wingard, M.Barlow, D.Wells, C.Menadue, S.Kerridge (INT) N.Kommer, C.Petracca

    Also just wondering is it worth trading Ablett and Wingard for Fyfe and Merret/Franklin? Thanks again.


    1. Hi there James, welcome to SCHQ and glad you took the time to post your team. Lets have a look at it, starting with the backline and I like it a lot – excellent balance, and I think Harwood is destined to have a pretty good year as a cheaper option. Good bench here too.

      To your mids and that is a very tidy line too, I particulalrly like the unique selection of Wines, I always think one slightly left-of-field pick in here is a bonus. No problems here.

      Gawn and Grundy – very interesting selection of Grundy in the R2 spot, he has not be named ion many teams at all but is probably primed for a bit of a breakout year. He saves you some cash and it might be worth it if he fires.

      To your forwards and this is a very impressive line also, with Wingard surprisingly picked in very few teams on here, so that could be beneficial to you. Nice balance here, see the previous comments re Petracca though.

      No major issues with this squad at all James, well put together. As for your question, I would think the Ablett/Wingard combo would be the better of the two – although having Fyfe is never a bad thing!


      1. Just moved Adams from Defence to Foraard bench to replace Petracca and then put N.Broad on the DEF Bench so hopefully that does the trick


  15. Any input welcome, backline is probably the weakest area with too many Essendon guys as well but want to wait and see what rookies are named for R1.

    DEF: Laird, Kolodjashnij, Yeo, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (M.Brown, Adams)
    MID: Dangerfield, Ablett, R.Gray, Rockliff, M Crouch, Libratore, B Crouch, Parish (Kennedy, Petracca, Dunkley)
    RUC: Mumford, Gawn (Cox)
    FWD: Barlow, Franklin, Hall, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge (McCarthy, McDonald-Tipungwuti)

    Thoughts? Also have $311,400 in the bank for some early upgrades without necessarily doing any double trades etc.


    1. Hi Josh, welcome mate. Backline is a bit weak, but its the line to do it on. Consider Broad if you want to change up all the Bombers players. Midfield is good but you’ve spent a lot with both Crouch brothers – perhaps consider Mills to free up some cash? Kennedy on the pine is perhaps worth too much – maybe swap him fro one of the Crouch brothers? Good ruck combo, no issue there. Buddy as a POD in that backline is a ripper – this is a quality line all round actually, good job.

      $311,400 in the bank? That’s crazy mate, spend most of it now. I’d upgrade that backline with all that cash for sure – no point in starting behind the 8 ball.


  16. Hey Fellas, love the site just wanted to know what you think

    Def: R.Laird, J.Bartel, D.Rich, T.Sheridan, J.Weitering, M.Hartley (N.Broad, K.Collins)

    Mid: Pendles, Gaz, D,Shiel, T.Rockliff, O.Wines, Libba, C.Mills, S.Kerridge (G.Hewett, T.Phillips, R.Davis)

    Ruck: S.Martin, Nic Nat (M.cox)

    Fwd: D.Martin, L.Dahlhaus, M.Barlow, D.Wells, W.Milera, C.Menadue (N.Kommer, M.Adams)


    1. G’day Roughead, lets have a squiz mate. Nice backline, no issue at all there – good bench too. Excellent midfield, great PODs in Wines and Shiel. Top notch rucks, set and forget. Excellent forwardline, again with a quality bench.

      Excellent side top to bottom Roughead, very nicely done. Sit back and enjoy.


  17. Hey Guys! Would love your feedback! Here is what I have so far, pending Rookies who will make in on the field..

    H.Shaw, K.Kolodjashnij, J.Bartel,
    B.Smith, J.Weitering, M.Brown
    Bench: N.Broad & T.Ruggles

    N.Fyfe, P.Dangerfield, G.Ablett, J.Selwood
    T.Liberatore, C.Mills, C.Menadue, D.Gore
    Bench: C.Adamson, R.Davis, A.Marcon

    T.Goldstein, N.Naitanui
    Bench: M.Cox

    D.Martin, M.Barlow, L.Franklin,
    D.Menzel, D.Wells, S.Kerridge
    Bench: C.Petracca, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti



    1. Welcome James, its your turn mate. Very nice backline, running pretty deep which is not a bad thing. Excellent start – lets hope Ruggles gets upgraded, he’s in my team also. To your mids and I love the POD in Selwood, however I’m not 100% Gore will be named so that might hurt – maybe look at someone like Kennedy? Excellent ruck combo, set and forget. Interesting forwards – I take it your a Cats fan? Personally I’d look at moving Menzel out, he’s potentially a gun but I think he will be managed a fair bit this season and could miss a few games. Good squad, you just need to think about that last onfield midfield spot.


  18. hi guys would love some advise on my first try,
    def;r.laird,k simpson,j bartel,d rich,m hartley,k collin(tipung,t ruggles)
    mid;dangerfield,pendlebutry,ablett,d shiel,rockling,liberatore,b crouch,b kennedy (d gore,jgresham,r davies)
    ruck;goldthing,m gawn ( m.cox)
    def;t green,m barlow,a hall,w milera,skerridge,c petracca (m brown, sgrimsley)
    not many dollars left and feedback would be great
    thanks jojo


    1. Welcome Jojo, and congrats on your first try – lets see how it is. Excellent backline, just monitor Collins to make sure he’s named – Broad might be a safer bet. We’ll see. Wow, that’s a deep midfield also, with Crouch at M7. Lots of cash spent here, but its an impressive array of midfielders. Goldy and Gawn – excellent, set and forget, good job. Slightly light on in the forwards with only one genuine star in Barlow, but it could pay off. I like your style Jojo – no major concern here, excellent work.


  19. Backs:Yeo Suckling Seedsman Mckenzie Weitering Dea (m.brown ruggles) Mids Dangerfield Pendlebury Hanneberry Priddis Montagna Duncan Polec Mills (Sumner smith joyce) Rucks Jacobs Lobbe (Grimley) Fwds kennedy j.reiwolt franklin degoey wells kerridge (papley smith)


    1. Welcome Jamie. Whilst this is not the greatest team on paper, I love the courage in picking a team that is coming from left field. Heaps of PODs here make this team a real wildcard – Montagna in the guts, Duncan, JROO, Kennedy, Buddy, Yeo, Suckling, Hanneberry, Polec, Jacobs, Lobbe – are all guys who haven’t appeared in too many teams at all, let alone all in the one team! Great effort mate, I love a team like this. My only concerns would be firstly Lobbe in the ruck (he’s a worry), and secondly not having an absolute premo in the backline or forwardline. Still, I think you have lots of value elsewhere and it will be a fun ride for you. Good luck mate!


  20. Hey guys, would appreciate any feedback. Naturally my rookies on the bench are likely to change come round one teams being named.

    Here’s my team:
    DEF: Shaw, Houli, Rich, Weitering, Dea, Adams
    Bench: Hartley, Ruggles

    MID: Fyfe, Ablett, Hannebery, Priddis, Steven, Mills, Oliver, Kerridge
    Bench: Hewett, Keays, Davis

    Ruck: Goldstein, Gawn
    Bench: Cox

    FWD: Montagna, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Menadue
    Bench: Papley, McDonald-Tipungwuti


    1. G’day there Luke, lets see how your looking. Backline is good, perhaps one established player short having Weitering at D4. Good bench here though – go the Ruggles! Midfield and I love the POD additions of Hanneberry, Priddis and Steven – the forgotten man. No risk on Libba or Crouch is interesting. Top notch rucks – set and forget, good work. To your forwards and Monty is starting to make his way into a few more teams – good selection, he is super consistent and can go big at times. This is a very tidy team Luke, without too many issues at all. As with most, just monitor the teams this week to see which rookies get selected and maybe adjust accordingly.


  21. Hey guys
    Team so far

    Shaw, kolodjansni, bartel
    Weitering, dea, Hartley {brown ruggles}

    Fyfe, danger, Ablett, rocky, zaharakis, Libba, b crouch, mills {menadue, Davis, petracca,}

    Martin, gawn {chol- for loophole}

    Barlow, Greene, hall, wells, Ben ken, kerridge {tippa, grimely}



    1. Hi there Josh, lets see how your team is situated with one day to go. Good backline, however I’m just a little wary of teams that have Weitering at D4, not D5. Still, saving money down back seems to be the trend. To your mids and I love the Zaharakis POD – that’s a ripper choice, first time I’ve seen him named. Good line here, runs pretty deep. Martin and Gawn – as usual, a set and forget there. Nice forwardline despite not too many stars – you are relying a lot on Greene, Hall and Kennedy, who all need to take that next step for you but are indicating that they might.

      I like this lineup mate, always impressed with a quality POD to make you stand out from the crowd. Well done.


  22. Hi Guys,
    Love your work, just wanting some advice with my team, been tricky with a lot of mid-priced diamonds and not a lot of rookies so far standing out aside from the higher-priced draft picks
    Thoughts appreciated thanks,

    D: McDonald, Gibson, Sheridan, Seedsman, Weitering, Hartley (Dea, Broad)

    M: Pendlebury, Cripps, Rockcliff, Duncan, Hall, M.Crouch, Mills, Oliver (Francis, Menadue, Clarke)

    R: Goldsmith, Sinclair (Cox)

    F: Dahlhaus, Z.Merrett, Barlow, Wells, Kerridge, B.Kennedy (Milera, Grimely)


    1. G’day Billy, welcome to SCHQ mate. With not much time left, lets have a quick squiz at what you’ve got going on. Backline first and I love the McDonald pick, – not been in many teams at all, very solid choice. No major issue here, even though you are relying heavily on Sheridan and seedsman to improve a fair bit. Impressive bench – I’d rather Dea on than Hartley. Cripps and Duncan – very nice PODs, young guns right there. Hall in the mids is interesting, not seen him there much. Menadue AND Francis are worth way too much to have on the pine – get cheaper options and use the cash to upgrade Sinclair as your D2. Your forwards are great, very nicely balanced line but again – I’d trade Milera down to Tippa and use the combined cash from his downgrade and Francis and Menadue downgrades to maybe stretch Sinclair up to the vicinity of Gawn?


      1. Thanks Dave,
        After chatting with a mate I downsized my rookie bench players and thought to use the extra cash to splash on Jacobs in R2 but was worried having both Grimely and Cox who may only play a handful of games, also wanting to keep R/F link with Sinclair (swans) as a forward and Smith (Geelong) as R2


      2. I think your team look much better with Jacobs in R2 – having said that, either Sinclair or Smith could both surprise and have impressive seasons. Its a safer bet to have Jacobs in there though. Personally I wouldn’t worry about the R/F link – pick the best team you think I reckon. Ditch Grimley would be my take on it.


  23. Team Below:

    Shaw, Laird, Johannison
    Weitering, Dea, Broad

    Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Rocky,
    Parker, Libba, Mills, b. Kennedy

    Goldy, Gawn

    Zorko, barlow, hall
    Wells, menadue, kerridge

    Rookies not listed on bench subject to change. I realise Zorko out rd1. Interesting to hear your thoughts on starting with him.


    1. Alright Nicko, lets have a quick look at what you’ve put together. Nice backline, but again I’m a little concerned about teams that have Weitering at D4 instead of D5. Still, to save cash for elsewhere it could pay off. Ripping midfield, no issue there at all – love Parker as a POD. Rucks are set and forget – good job. Zorko is an interesting pick given he is suspended for round 1 – I presume you will just absorb that? Otherwise this is a quality line too, nicely balanced.

      No real issue with this team other than the Zorko suspension? Starting with him will make him a very unique selection for you in the early rounds, and that may pay off if you are prepared to take the hit in round 1.


  24. back: Shaw, Bartell, Yeo, B Smith j Weitering, M Brown – Hartley & Dea

    Mid: Ablett, J Sellwood, Rockliff, M Crouch, Libba, D wells, C Mills, c oliver – Menadue, beech & R davis

    Fwd: Barlow, Franklin, betts, S Johnson, A Walker, Kerridge – Kennedy petracca

    Ruck: S Mumford, M leunberger – Currie


    1. Jockey, welcome mate – lets have a look at how you’re travelling. Nice backline – I like the structure of Weitering at D4, it just looks more balanced. Selwood as POD in the midfield could really pay off, especially with teams concentrating on Dangerfield. You are perhaps one absolute star short here though – it seems a little thin with M Crouch at M4. Luenberger is your R2 is a real risk, but one you are obviously prepared top take. He’ll have the #1 mantle, but whether he can stay on the field is the issue. Woah, there’s some PODs in that forwardline. Buddy, Betts and even Stevie J might be worth it, but Walker has to go – he’s no good. I’d rather DeGoey or Steele for around the same coin – or put Kennedy on, get Tippa on your bench and pocket the cash for upgrades elsewhere – like maybe that midfield spot.


  25. shaw, houli, gibson (adams)
    rich, m.brown(dons), hartley (ruggles)

    fyfe, dangerfield, ablett, (hewitt)
    rockliff, parker, liberatore, (keays)
    mills, kerridge (davis)

    martin, stanley (grimley)

    martin, barlow, s.gray (cox)
    wells, menadue, j.palmer (tipungwuti)


    1. Hello there Macca, welcome to SCHQ. Lets have a look at your team and I like that backline to start with, very nicely balanced. No problem there. To your mids and again, a very well thought out line with the right selections in there – nicely done. Stanley as R2? I wouldn’t go there – he has too much competition this year from Smith, and Blicavs will be the round the ground roamer. I’d swap him for Lobbe or Sinclair at that price. Excellent forwardline, no issue there at all = although I’m not sure Palmer will play, but Tippa will cover I think.

      Fix up that ruck spot and this is a very nicely structured team Macca.


  26. Hi Guys, I have drafted and redrafted my team. I would be grateful for any comments and recommendations you can make.

    Backs – Shaw, Gibson, Johannisen, Seedsman, Weitering & Dea (M. Brown & Broad)
    Middle – Fyfe, Dangerfield, Shiel, Rockliff, Wines,Liberatore, Mills & C. Ellis ( Keays, Davis, MacPherson)
    Ruck – Martyn, Gawn (Grimley)
    Forward – Barlow, Green, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Menadue, McDonald-Tippungwuti)
    Any thoughts?


    1. G’day there Bruce, thanks for coming onto the site. I’m sure like most of us this is version number 84 of your team, lets see how it looks. Very good backline which runs very deep, good bench too – no issue there at all. Excellent midfield, although Ellis is an unusual selection. No problems with your ruck combo, set and forget right there. Excellent forwardline also, making this a pretty solid team from top to bottom mate. My only concern would be that last midfield spot – any chance you could get that up to Oliver or Parish?


      1. Thanks Dave,
        I appreciate your suggestion about my last midfield position. Version 85 coming up!


  27. Hey Mate, Love this site you do an awesome Job. Let me know what you think

    Def: R.Laird, B.Houli, J.Johannisen, R.Harwood, J.Weitering, M.Hartley (N.Broad, K.Collins)

    Mid: Pendles, Gaz, T.Rockliff, D.Sheil, O.Wines, Libba, C.Mills, C.Oliver (G.Hewett, B.Keays, R.Davis)

    Ruck: Nic Nat, Gawn (M.Cox)

    Fwd: D.Martin, L.Dahlhaus, M.Barlow, D.Wells, W.Milera, S.Kerridge (N.Kommer, M.Adams)


    1. Hi there Quicksticks, lets have a browse over your team and see how its looking. Great backline, very nicely balanced. Ripper start. Mids, and no Fyfe or Danger looks a little bare but I love the Shiel and Wines selections, good job. NicNat and Gawn – same as my ruck combo, both should excel this season. Excellent forwardline, again a very nice mix of the right players.

      This is an excellent team Chopsticks, very well put together on every line. Sit back and relax mate, round 1 is almost here and your hard work is done.


  28. hey mate, first time player. could you rate my team pls and suggest any changes Thanks

    B: H Shaw B Smith L McDonald B Whitecross M Hartley K Collins (D Tucker Freo A McDonald Tippinagawi)

    M: Danger Ablett Priddis Rockliff M Crouch Libba DeGoey Mills (Polkinghorne D Gore R Davis)

    R: Goldstein Z Smith (D Currie)

    F: Martin Dalhause S Gray D Menzell Wells Kerridge (Menadue Petracca)


    1. Hi Bruce, welcome to the site and welcome to SC as a whole. Lets see how your team is looking and that backline drops away way too sharply for my liking after Shaw – Smith should be in your D4 spot I think, with a couple of better quality players ahead of him. I’m not sure Whitecross will play either – I’d get Weitering in that spot. Nothing wrong with your midfield, its a good line. To your rucks and Smith is an interesting one – he could have a great season, but never seemed to get it done at GC. Still, for his price he might be worth the risk. Nice forwardline but I’d be a little wary of Menzel – I think he’ll be managed a fair bit throughout the year, meaning he could miss games. I’d rather Menadue on, trade Menzel down to a rookie like Brown, then use the extra cash to upgrade your defence. Enjoy it mate!


  29. Ey fellas. I did post a team about a month ago but after seeing the NAB challenge and thinking long and hard about my structure I’ve decided to change it up a bit. I think the value is in the forward line this year and am not as convinced on the rookies in the midfield to start the season. Here goes:

    DEF: Shaw, Laird, Johannisen, Harwood, Weitering, Hartley (Brown, Broad)
    MID: Dangerfield, Ablett, R.Gray, Rockliff, Parker, Liberatore, B.Crouch, Mills (Menadue, Keays, Davis)
    RUC: Goldstein, Naitanui (Loersch)
    FWD: Barlow, Hall, De Goey, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Grimley, Tipungwuti)

    1.5k leftover.

    I’m still deciding on whether to start with Ablett, believe it or not. 21 games in the last 2 years worries me and even though it is Gary, no match conditioning at 32 years of age in preseason worries me too. I’m thinking of trying to find the extra 5k and change him for Pendles due to the Pies’ soft draw and he is more durable. Or maybe dropping Ablett for Priddis, due to being a good POD and arguably the most durable player in the game. And a gun to boot.

    Thoughts on this lineup?


    1. Hey there Dan,
      first of id like to say, you seem very switched on in regards to your team setup and the way you think the season will play out and with good cause to … I like you believe there is a lot of bargains to be had all over the ground especially forward and back … But in saying that your forward line Needs an extra premium I feel, it seems to be missing your final piece in the puzzle, but I also am not quiet sure where you can get that money from other than get rid of one of your premium mids to use that coin forward ..!!
      But that is just stealing from Peter to pay Paul……, so in the end it’s your call, but your very close and I do like your side as is !
      Ps if Ablett is named round 1 he should be in every bodies side ! Too good not too !!
      Cheers for your comments and good luck !!


  30. Hey
    2nd crack at my team, would love to hear your thoughts

    Def: Laird, K.K, Birchall, Smith, Brown, Adams (Bonner, Broad)
    Mids: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Sloane, Libba, Crouch, Mills, Gresham ( Keays, Davis, Dunkley)
    Rucks: Jacobs, Smith (Cox)
    Fwds: Martin, Dalhaus, Buddy, Hall, B.Kennedy, Kerridge (Petracca, grimley)

    Got $109k left over not sure whether to change grimley for milera


    1. G’Day Frazals,
      Thanks for hitting us up, much appreciated !
      Hopefully I can give you some food for thought….
      First of Petracca won’t play first 2-3 rounds so, I’m thinking that you trade him for Tip-Mac from Essendon and use that money plus 109K to upgrade Smith in your backline to either Houli/ Rance or about that price range, then grade Menedue from Richmond for Grimley, that should all work out ….. I think
      Or at worst something to think about !!
      Your team looks great other than minor tweaking !!
      Good luck !


  31. Defenders:
    A.Rance, R.Laird, J.Gibson, J.Johannisen, M.Brown, M.Hartley.

    N.Fyfe, P.Dangerfield, J.Viney, L.Hunter, D.Zaharakis, N.Graham, M.Crouch, C.Mills

    M.Gawn, Z.smith

    M.Barlow, D.Robinson, T.Lynch, J.De Goey, D.Wells, S.Kerridge


    1. Hi there Tom, its the final day so lets have a quick look at your side. Very nice backline, I love the balance here – very similar to my own. Slightly concerned about the two Bombers together there, but it should be okay. Midfielders and wow, you’ve got some PODs in there. I love the selection of Viney (primed for a big year) and Graham, Hunter and Zaharakis in the guts – all very unique, but I feel you might be one star short there at least. Rucks and Zac Smith is probably a punt worth taking if he can stay on the field. Forwards and is that Mitch Robinson? Interesting unique choice there. Both T Lynch’s are the same price but I wouldn’t have either – for their price I’d rather Merrett, Buddy, Sam Gray, Greene or Billings. Otherwise this line is fine. Not a bad lineup Tom, but In think your midfield is way under what other midfields might produce. Maybe try and get one more premium in there somehow.


  32. Thanks for using Rate my Team
    Let’s start, yeah back line is thin but it doesn’t look that bad, Rookies will sort themselves out in a matter of days so hold tuff there …
    Your 311K could be used here to get another premium or even in your forward line !
    Your midfield I want to talk about … Both Crouch’s I think you need to bite the bullet and choose one or the other very risky in my opinion … Maybe upgrade one of them to premium with your cash !
    Mumford risky but I’m rolling him to, when he is on the paddock he is a beast, fingers crossed he stays on there though !!
    Forward line as I mentioned earlier maybe one premium short maybe cash spent here ??
    Good luck and cheers !!


  33. Hi, Just wondering if you could rate my team?

    DEF: H.Shaw, R.Laird, J.Gibson, J.Johannisen, J.Weitering, M.Hartley (M.Brown, T.Ruggles)
    MID: P.Dangerfield, M.Priddis, S.Mitchell, A.Hall, M.Crouch, T.Liberatore, J.De Goey, C.Menadue (C.Petracca, G.Hewett, R.Davis)
    RUC: N.Naitanui, M.Gawn (S.Grimley)
    FWD: M.Barlow, M.Robinson, J.Riewoldt, D.Wells, B.Kennedy, S.Kerridge (J.Palmer, M.Cox)


    1. Certainly we can Ethan, welcome to the site mate. Looking at your defenders first up and that’s an excellent line, very well balanced and I really like the look of JJ this year. No issue there. To the mids and Priddis and Mitchell are quality PODs, and Hall is the flavour of the preseason. Personally I think DeGoey would be better as a forward if you want him – I think you can get better midfielders to take that spot. No Gaz/Fyfe/Rockliff is a slight concern. Great rucks – no issue there. Very interesting forwardline – again, two quality PODs in JRoo and Robinson, who both should do well for you. Nice team here Ethan, no major issues at all – maybe consider Tippa instead of Palmer on that forwardline bench.




    E: COX


    $3.6k remaining


    1. Welcome to the site Alex R, lets see how you’re looking. Backline first and I’d get Aish out of there if you can – I’m not convinced by him. Consider Harwood as a replacement perhaps? Otherwise this is a nice start. To your mids and I love the Boak POD in there – I think that’s the first team I’ve seen him in. I’m not convinced by Polkinghorne on the field though – I’d rather see him become Mills or Parish, or even Gresham. Mathieson is out for at least a month with a broken jaw, so move him on too. Goldy and Gawn – set and forget, good job. That forwardline runs pretty deep, but its a good one. I’d definitely look to upgrade that final midfield spot Alex – you can’t afford to waste one in the engine room. Good luck!


  35. Hey mate,
    I’m a bit late here but would really appreciate your feedback on my team.

    DEF: Houli, Laird, Rich, Suckling, Weitering, Dea (Brown, Ruggles)

    MID: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rockliff, Cripps, Liberatore, Lonergan, Mills (Keays, Davis, Marcon)

    RUCK: Naitanui, Gawn (Currie)

    FWD: Barlow, Hall, Steele, Wells, Milera, Kerridge (Adams, McDonald-Tipungwuti)

    Thanks mate!


    1. Hey there Alex, its never too late – well, not before the start of round 1 anyway! Lets start with your defenders and I like this line a lot – good depth and nice unique selections in Rich and Suckling. To your midfield and that’s a very good line also – love the Cripps selection, he’s a star. Rucks a set and forget combo, as with most teams. You’re a bit light on in the forwards with Hall at F2 (he’s still a touch unpredictable going into the season proper) and same with Steele, but they have both been great in the NAB so hopefully that transfers over for you. Even so, I’d prefer too see one more premo in that forwardline somehow. Good luck mate, enjoy the ride.


  36. Hey Guys love this site, you do an awesome job. Would like to know what youse think

    Def: R.Laird, B.Houli, J.Johannesien, R.Harwood, J.Weitering, M.Hartley (N.Broad, K.Collins)

    Mid: Pendles, Gaz, Rocky, O.Wines, D.Sheil, Libba, C.Mills, C.Oliver (B.Keays, G.Hewett, R.Davis)

    Rucks: Nic Nat, M.Gawn (M.Cox)

    Fwd: D.Martin, L.Dahlhaus, M.Barlow, D.Wells, W.Milera, S.Kerridge (N.Kommer, M.Adams)


  37. Defenders: H Shaw, K Kolodjashnij, T Sheridan, J Weitering, N Broad, A McDonald Tipungwuti
    Bench: M Hartley, T Ruggles
    Mids: P Dangerfield, R Gray, D Shiel, T Rockliff, L Parker, T Liberatore, B Crouch, C Mills
    Bench: C Oliver, C Menadue, R Davis
    Rucks: M Gawn, M Lobbe
    Bench: M Cox
    Fwd: D Martin, M Barlow, S Gray, A Hall, D Wells, S Kerridge
    Bench: S Grimely, M Adams


    1. Hi there Tim, not long to go now – lets have a quick squizz at your team. Obviously you’ll need to move Broad on from that backline as he wasn’t named – I’d look at Brown or Hartley. Otherwise not a bad line, although maybe one premo short? Midfield and no issue there at all – although that’s a very pricey bench, I think you need Oliver either on the field on out of your team – having him and Menadue on the bench wastes too much cash. And it can be used in your ruck line, upgrading Lobbe – that’s what I would be doing anyway, with nearly every team having two ruck premos. Very nice forwardline – no problems with that one.

      Pretty good team mate, I’d just be very cautious of having Lobbe in R2 while you have so much money on the midfield bench.


  38. hey mate was just asking for some last minute advice and your opinion on the team

    Def: Rance, Mcdonald, Gibson, Lonergan, Dea, hartley (Brown, Ruggles)
    Mid: Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, shiel, rocky, crouch, mill, parish (gresham, hewett, Keays)
    Ruck: Nic Nat, Gawn (Korcheck,Vc loophole)
    Fwds: Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Adams, AMT)

    rookies will change depending on whose selected and just wanna know your opinion between (Gibson, Laird and Houli) (greene and grey) and (rocky, gray, s.mitchell and cripps)


    1. Last minute advice coming right up Jason. Defenders first and that’s a very nice line – well balanced and a good mix, top start. To your mids and I love the Shiel selection – he’s a star – and I believe Parish has overcome his hammy niggle so should be right for round 1. Good bench there, nice coverage with Gresham. NicNat and Gawn – same as my ruck combo, very good. Nice forwardline, even though you are probably missing one premo here and are relying heavily on unproven high scorers in Hall and Greene. Good job, no major issues with your team as selected.

      Onto your questions and Gibson, Laird and Houli – I’d pick Laird comfortably. Green and Gray – Gray just, but he costs more so he should take it out just. Rocky, Gray, Mitchell and Cripps – can’t go wrong there, but I’d lean toward Rocky and Cripps. Oliver and Parish – provided Parish is fit, I’d have him just ahead. Good luck mate!


  39. Hi there, would love to hear ur thoughts…
    KK, Docherty, Rich, B Smith, Francis, M Brown, Broard, Hartley

    Danger, Ablett, Rocky, T Adams, Cripps, Libba, b crouch, Simpkin, Mathieson, Mengelola, Phillips,

    Blicavs, lobbe, grimley

    Martin, Dahlhaus, t Greene, j Anderson, b Kennedy, s kerridge, petracca, summer.


    1. G’day there Scott, lets have a quick look at what you’ve put together. Defenders first and right off the bat your missing the real premos here, and that’s a structure I can’t really advise. Whilst KK, Rich and Docherty are good quality, I feel you need a Shaw/Houli/McDonald/Laird type to anchor this line. I’m not sold on Francis, and Broad hasn’t been named so he has to go. To your mids and I’d swap Adams for Parker or Wines, and Mathieson has to go as he’s out for a month. Menagola too has a minor knee injury. Look at guys like Keys, Gresham and Hewett in here. Blicavs and Lobbe – interesting ruck combo, unusual to say the least. I can’t trust Lobbe at the moment after the NAB efforts, but if he can turn it on come round 1 you’ll be going well. Swap Anderson for Wells in that forwardline – I think he’ll be better value. Otherwise this is a good line.
      You need a little bit of work Scott – backline and maybe second ruck, but the bones of a good squad are there, just a little tinkering should do the trick.


  40. DEF:Shaw, Laird, KK, Seedsman, Dea, Brown (Ruggles, Hartley)

    MID: Fyfe, Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Libba, B. Crouch, Mills, Kennedy (Hewitt, Keays, Davis)

    RUCKS: Goldy, Gawn

    FWD: Martin, Barlow, Gray, Wells, Kerridge, Menadue (Tipu, Papley)

    Hey mate, great stuff here.
    Would love some feedback on the team, not sure whether i’d rather
    (KK, Crouch) OR (Rockliff, Weitering)


  41. Hi guys
    I am a rookie that could use some advice pls
    Is there must have cows that I need to get?
    Is frost to exe for backup ruck?
    I was thinking Mumford and lobbe in rucks then could upgrade the 2 crouchs for Parker and Lewis

    Def: Houli*/Rich/Smith/Sheridan/Weitering*/Dea (Brown/McDonald-Tipungwuti)
    Mids: Ablett/Fyfe/Rockliff/Mills/Taylor/M.Crouch/B.Crouch/Wright* (Parish/Oliver/Menadue*)
    Rucks: Goldstein/Martin (Frost)
    Def: Gunston/Suckling/Anderson/C.Ellis*/Wells/Kerridge* (Milera/Rioli*)

    Is it realy bad ? lol


  42. Hey Guys! Would love your feedback! Here is what I have!
    H.Shaw, A.Rance, B.Houli,
    R.Laird, J.Weitering, M.Dea
    Bench: N.Broad & A.Mac-Tip

    N.Fyfe, P.Dangerfield, G.Ablett, T.Liberatore,
    D.Parish, B.Kennedy, C.Menadue, J.Gresham
    Bench: D.Gore, C.Petracca, J.Polkinghorne

    T.Goldstein, S.Martin
    Bench: S.Grimley

    D.Martin, L.Dahlhaus, L.Franklin,
    D.Wells, D.Rioli, S.Kerridge
    Bench: C.Curnow, N.Kommer


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