Top 6 Never-Agains To Consider Again

We’ve all had those players who we have vowed never to go near again.
The player who promises a lot, and then burns you. Leaking value, or costing a trade.

In fact, last season I even asked out over Twitter who was one everyone’s Blacklist and published them, which included some remarkable names.

But, as is always the case, even the most despicable of these super-villains present a present as to why they should be in your side. Will you give in to temptation, or be delivered to evil?

Shaun Higgins
Conviction: As reliable as a pair of servo sunnies

After nine years of disappointment, Higgins’ first season at North turned out to be the best of his career.
He every game of the season before being rested for Round 23 and put previous doubts of unreliability to bed, especially for the coaches who were brave enough to take him.
I certainly wasn’t.
13 scores of 90 or above is a very good return for a forward. Very unlikely that his role will change too much, so we know what we’re going to get.

Cyril Rioli
Conviction: Having Australia’s worst hammies

We’ve always known that when Cyril can get on the park he’ll score well; his season averages are a testament to that.
Now, can he string another full season together? The Cyril dilemma is the Russian Roulette equivalent in SuperCoach; will he give us 20 games or 10?

Trent Cotchin
Conviction: Can’t handle a bit of close attention

On a personal level, 2015 was not a particularly good one for the Richmond skipper. It was the first time since 2010 that his season average dropped below 100, basically a horror show for a ‘premium’ midfielder.
Now he’s in the category of Fallen Premium, with a discounted price and no-one expecting too much. 11 scores under 100 is way too many, but can he turn it around in 2016?
A bit more experience with taggers, an improving side and more natural improvement – he’ll be 26 in April.

Josh Caddy
Conviction: The coach thought green was his colour

Caddy’s career thus far, especially his time at Geelong, has been hampered by extended spells in the green vest. Last year though, he avoided it and came out to average 94 from 19 games.
Plus, with the sub rule abolished, there is no threat he’ll be struck again.
At 23 he has lots of improvement left in him, and should benefit from team-mates Patrick Dangerfield and Joel Selwood getting all the attention.

Dale Thomas
Conviction: Doesn’t deliver when required

As a number two draft pick, Daisy has always had his critics. Since he left one of the most supported clubs for their fierce rival, those critics have increased in numbers.
And now, coming back after shoulder surgery, the extremely talented midfielder has a discounted price and dual position eligibility.
It’s rare to find a player with such experience and scoring potential (he averaged 109 in 2011) available at such a low price. Will you be tempted?

Lance Franklin
Conviction: Goes missing; all or nothing

We know that Buddy can go big. Case in point: his 13 goals and 236 SC points against North in 2012. He can also flop though – last year he had scores of 47, 54 and 41.
However, we know now that he was a bit underdone both mentally and physically last year.
At his prime, he’s unstoppable and a prolific scorer. Do you buy the hype that he’s ‘training the house down’? He could be one of the defining picks of the 2016 season.

2 thoughts on “Top 6 Never-Agains To Consider Again

    1. I wouldn’t consider any of them too strongly for my Classic side, but for a draft order I’d have Jenkins, Cameron and then Schulz.


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