How Do You Win SuperCoach?

Firstly, let’s hope my SuperCoach advice is better than my Paint skills..

Anyway, just a few of my thoughts on what the blueprint of SuperCoach success looks like and one I definitely abide by. By no means have I taken out the crown, but like yourself, I’m searching for that winning formula. With a little bit of luck and my thoughts here… I reckon it’s a good starting point.

6 thoughts on “How Do You Win SuperCoach?

  1. Well said mate.

    Just like to add VC and emergency loopholing to the mix, one thing herald Sun and forums can’t do is manage your team over a weekend.

    Two cracks at your Captain score is a massive boost.


    1. Thanks Nathan.

      Yeh good point there. Also gives you the luxury to go for a riskier option on a Friday night or whatever. Someone who can go 150+ but also the odd 70-80. Having to cracks at it, as you say, is huge!


      1. I think Reid is a sure thing for the Pies, adds so much value and versatility to their line-up. He may play at either end throughout the year, depending on necessity, but I believe his spot is CHB. But I’m not to sure he’s a sure thing for our SC side.
        As a Geelong man, Vardy is a very interesting prospect. He’ll play for sure, but how many games is hard to say.Because – A) Injury history B) So many talls atm. He’ll be fighting for a spot up forward rather than the ruck, so he’s up against the likes of Hawkins and Clark. Pre-season will give the best indicator for him.


    1. Hey Burney.
      Thanks for the comment mate. With Macaffer, I’m not sure he’ll be a great pick this season unless he lights it up through NAB Challenge. He is priced 50-60K more than a lot of great options in the midfield, while as a former tagger and his spot in the best 22 sure up for debate. He’s a bit risky for me at this stage.


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