Buyer Beware – Matthew Leuenberger

You’re standing out in an open field, its grasses as green as cucumber, the sun shining as bright as starlight. You see something in the distance, it sparkles a golden white glaze.
A White Stallion is galloping towards you, its shiny muscles rippling, its hooves thundering. It is drinking in the wind.
It’s gaining speed, faster and faster it goes. Suddenly, it collapses to the ground. The once majestic Stallion has tripped in a rabbit hole and in the fall, broken every bone in its body. Its time is done. The White Stallion is now a shadow of its old self as it slips into the gates of immortality.

Community… Approach Matthew Leuenberger with caution.

From the outside in, a bloke going to a new club as the new number one ruckman with DPP status looks a tantalizing option, but digging further into the archives we find Matthew Leuenberger only spells trouble.

Over his past nine (9) years in the AFL system, only once has he averaged over 100. On top of those deplorable numbers, Leuy has only scored over 130, three times in his career!

In that same time Mark Jamar – the Big Russian – who no one is currently talking about as a valid SuperCoach option, has gone over 130 four times!

Also, Berger’s career average of 66.6 in that time only spells disaster.

A super low price of $310k and DPP status does not make him a must have, if anything that price will suck many in.

Thirdly, to add to all of that, don’t get me started on Leunberger’s injury history. The Berger is your classic Burn-Man with a capital B. Durability is a serious problem, playing only 47% of games in the last four seasons.

2012 – 3 games
2013 – 20 games
2014 – 5 games
2015 – 14 games

How many games will he actually play in 2016?

In a nutshell, pick Leuenberger at your peril, and when he collapses mid-season don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Moral of the story: do not get seduced by the perfect White Stallion because before you know it the Stallion will fall into a deep and dangerous rabbit hole, leaving you helpless in the middle of your SuperCoach field.

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