Josho’s Top 20 Fantasy Relevant Players

SuperCoach is officially open, we’ve seen the prices, we’re planning our teams and we’re waiting for the 2016 AFL season to start. Here is my Top 20 fantasy relevant players for 2016.

Joel Selwood

Geelong Cats FC
Games Pld 2015: 20
Avg 2015: 104.8

After a poor year by his lofty standards, Selwood will be very happy to hear he now has Dangerfield by his side. After practically being Geelong’s only effective midfielder last year, Selwood was tagged almost every game. Now, with Danger’s help Selwood can bounce back to his past averages of 117.8, 111.5, 117.6, 118.4 and 120.9 in the last five seasons before last year.

Toby Greene

GWS Giants FC
Games Pld 2015: 22
Avg 2015: 82.8

When I saw that Toby Greene had FWD/MID DPP Status for the 2016 SuperCoach season, I instantly got excited, with Adam Treloar gone and Greene having a reportedly good pre-season. Greene is bound for more midfield time and could easily get back to his average of 102.9 in 2014.

Dustin Martin

Richmond FC
Games Pld 2015: 22
Avg 2015: 105.5

After cracking the 100+ average for just the second time in his five year career, Dustin Martin is set for a big 2016 season. At the age of 24, Martin is the age that most players peak and would be a very good selection for your 2016 SuperCoach team.

Kade Kolodjashnij

Gold Coast Suns FC
Games Pld 2015: 22
Avg 2015: 89.4

So far Kade Kolodjashnij has been a very popular selection for the upcoming AFL Season. KK has shown how far progressed he is, averaging 89.4 in just his second season and playing all 22 games in 2014. The defender will look to improve again as his side GC aim to progress up the ladder.

Harley Bennell

Fremantle FC
Games Pld 2015: 15
Avg 2015: 101.7

If Harley can get over his off field issues completely, he could be the highest averaging forward in SuperCoach this year. No stranger to big scores, Bennell had scores of 146, 140, 139, 124 and 120 in five of his 15 games played last year.

Dylan Shiel

GWS Giants FC
Games Pld 2015: 14
Avg 2015: 102.8

At $554k Dylan Shiel is almost impossible to ignore. With scores of 149, 146, 136 and 121 last year, Shiel is elite and will lead your team to the finals if you choose to select him. The Giants have a lot of quality midfielders and now Shiel has an opportunity to step into the league’s elite.

Sam Kerridge

Carlton FC
Games Pld 2015: 1
Avg 2015: 22

When a player goes from a top 8 side to a bottom two side, he instantly becomes SuperCoach relevant. At $137k Sam Kerridge will find himself in many teams come round one. If he plays well in the NAB Challenge he will find himself in my team too.

Michael Barlow

Fremantle FC
Games Pld 2015: 22
Avg 2015: 93.6

Many SuperCoaches were surprised when they saw the name Michael Barlow up for selection in the forward line for this season. A good player, and a pretty good scorer averaging 110 and 111 in 2013 and 2014, Barlow has a history of excellent SuperCoach scores. Coach Ross Lyon also hinted at a midfield role via Twitter.

Zachary Merrett

Essendon FC
Games Pld 2015: 17
Avg 2015: 88.5

With Dyson Heppell, Brent Stanton, Jobe Watson, David Myers and Heath Hocking being banned for the 2016 AFL season, Zach Merrett is bound to have more midfield time in the 2016 season. He averaged an impressive 88 in just his second season and in my opinion Merrett is destined to average 95+ this coming season.

Scott Pendlebury

Collingwood FC
Games Pld 2015: 22
Avg 2015: 116.2

Mr Consistent. Not many players are as reliable as Pendlebury. Pendles has averaged over 100 in the last eight seasons and had a lowest score of a still pretty decent 81 last year. This guy is just an outright gun and can be counted on to score well again in 2016.

Brad Crouch

Adelaide FC
Games Pld 2015: 0
Avg 2015: 0

An absolute gun, Brad Crouch will make many SuperCoaches happy he is back and at a very cheap price for the 2016 season. Averaging 87.1 in his first season and 94.5 in just his second, Crouch is a proven scorer in the SuperCoach arena. Should get plenty of opportunities assuming fully fit, especially with Dangerfield gone.

Jack Trengrove

Melbourne FC
Games Pld 2015: 0
Avg 2015: 0

At 24 years old, Jack Trengrove has had an up and down career. From being the Melbourne captain, to being injured and only playing 2 games in the last 2 seasons. Trengrove will be another interesting prospect and could reward you massively if you select him.

Matthew Lobbe

Port Adelaide FC
Games Pld 2015: 17
Avg 2015: 72.1

With Paddy Ryder banned for the 2016 season, Matthew Lobbe becomes a very interesting prospect. Now being the number one ruck at Port and being a cheap price, Lobbe will be selected in many teams. No stranger to a good SuperCoach season, Lobbe averaged 100.7 in the 2014 season and should thrive again in 2016.

Jimmy Bartel

Geelong Cats FC
Games Pld 2015: 22
Avg 2015: 97.8

A key factor that comes to mind when picking our SuperCoach sides is past averages. Knowing that a player has had good past averages can make it more comfortable when selecting them. Jimmy Bartel is one of the best when it comes to past averages: Bartel has averaged over 100 eight times in the past 10 seasons. There is no other way to explain Bartel other than the word GUN!

Chad Wingard

Port Adelaide FC
Games Pld 2015: 22
Avg 2015: 97

You mightn’t think it, but when it comes to durability the name Chad Wingard should come to mind. After only missing one game in the last three seasons, Wingard has been ultra-reliable. Another pre-season under the belt, and if you know you won’t have to burn a trade on him, even better!

Christian Petracca
Melbourne FC
Games Pld 2015: 0
2015 Avg: 0

The Dees’ pick number two in the 2014 AFL National Draft Christian Petracca is yet to play a game for the Dees due to an injury to his ACL preseason last year. Petracca had an amazing U18s season and will be picked quite frequently in many SuperCoach sides, assuming he is at full fitness for round one.

Jaeger O’Meara

Gold Coast Suns FC
Games Pld 2015: 0
2015 Avg: 0

Coming in at number four is a player who is an outright gun, Jaeger O’Meara. When a player averages 90 in his first season and 97.7 in just his second year you know his a beauty. Coming back from injury O’Meara will be a very popular pick and a very worthy one priced at just $316k.

Gary Ablett

Gold Coast Suns FC
Games Pld 2015: 6
2015 Avg: 115.5

The GOAT is finally over that bloody shoulder injury that has effected him for two seasons in a row now. At the cheapest he has been for many seasons, Ablett is almost impossible to ignore and will punish you if you choose not to select him.

Tom Rockliff

Brisbane Lions FC
Games Pld 2015: 16
2015 Avg: 101.9

When you see a guy at the $550k mark who averaged 138 two seasons ago, you instantly get excited. Tom Rockliff is back fit and ready to fire after a troublesome 2015 season with injury. The Brisbane Lions captain got concussed in one game and stuffed his ribs in the other resulting in him missing six games in total during the 2015 season.

Tom Liberatore

Western Bulldogs FC
Games Pld 2015: 0
2015 Avg: 0

Libba is a SuperCoach point machine. The classy midfielder averaged 106.8 in 2013 and 110.4 in 2014. Libba was a popular selection for the 2015 SuperCoach season before injuring his ACL in the NAB Challenge, forcing him to miss the entire 2015 AFL season. Libba comes in at an irresistible price of $357,300 at the start of 2016 and should be in everyones SuperCoach sides.

One thought on “Josho’s Top 20 Fantasy Relevant Players

  1. Solid list, love the site BTW!

    I know he isn’t everyone’s type but personally i’d throw Buddy above a few of the forward options you have there. Just too cheap to ignore, surely!


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