SuperCoach Team Structures

So it’s that time of year where our attention turns to SuperCoach, this is the most important time of the year… pre-season!
This is the time of the year where if you get you starting squad right, you can be set up for the year (baring injuries of course).

So begs the question: What set up are you going for?

Are you a solely a ‘Premium and Rookie’ type player? Or do you try your luck with some mid-price players to accompany your premiums and rookies?

That’s what we want to look. No set up is wrong, it is just making sure that which ever way you go,
you get the best available player.



As the name suggests, the very best and very cheapest. The premiums are the highest scorers in the game, so naturally we want as many of them as possible. The cheapies and rookies make that possible.



This complete team is available to do within your salary cap.

This brings us to a side made up of:
– Premiums
– Mid Pricers/ Fallen Premiums
– Rookies

This type can be extremely beneficial because if you choose the “right” mid-pricers and they effectively become premiums, saving you trades on upgrading.
Here is one example :


This way is probably the most popular as it allows players to hopefully find that POD to take them to SuperCoach supremacy.

Last but not least;
The full mid-price/rookie team for those who like to live on the end of high risk high reward, this is not recommended but each to their own! Going with this structure allows you to potentially start less risky rookies on the field.


Which ever way you choose, it is your team!
Good luck!

7 thoughts on “SuperCoach Team Structures

  1. There are two more team structures:
    Loaded Midfield –
    Involves spending less on the defence and forward line in order to load up in the midfield where most points are scored. Eg: Fyfe, Ablett, Priddis, Rockliff, Wines, Liberatore, Crouch and O’Meara.
    PODs Galore –
    Some coaches like to go against following the masses in an attempt to climb the rankings. Instead of selecting the likes of Heath Shaw, Brodie Smith, Dustin Martin and Todd Goldstein they select less popular options such as Matt Priddis and Matthew Boyd to provide a point of difference.
    By the way Paul, which structure is most ideal for SuperCoach 2016 in your opinion?


    1. G’Day Pinidu
      Thanks for your comments, I have always included at least one mid price player in my team each year, and with this yr having so many viable options it I think it is a must again !
      Probably the safest way to play the game is a “guns” “rookie” set up, cause it generates cash with a little less risk (as long as you get the right rookies)


  2. I’ve always had a mid price player on each line every yr, so I guess that is my preferred option !
    That is very true with those other two structures as well !
    What is your preferred way ??


    1. Hey Paul,
      I’m definitely a guns and rookies type of SuperCoach player. I’ve gone with the same strategy for two to three years now and it’s been quite successful. However, with so many mid pricers I’ll certainly be looking at the likes of Libba, Crouch and O’Meara as well.


      1. Good option mate, there is definitely some great mid priced options this yr !
        Definitely track there preseason !
        Hope this season is just as, if not better than the last few !


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