Player Radar – Zachary Williams

G’day guys and gals, it’s time for another Player Radar article. Every year it is imperative that your team contains players known as PODs (Points of Difference). Having good PODs can result in you moving up the overall ranking very quickly. In this article I’ll be previewing one of these types of players, who you may consider for your defence, Zachary Williams.

Player: Zachary Williams
Team: GWS Giants
Age: 21 years and 4 months
Price: $375,500
Position: Def
2015 Avg: 69.6
2015 Games: 12
100+ Scores: 2

This could be a very big year for the young Giants, with a few high quality players returning from injury. This young bloke is only 31 games into his career and has yet to fully cement his position in the GWS defence, however 2015 was Williams’ best year yet. Williams averaged very solid numbers last year; 15.6 disposals, 4.2 marks and 2.6 tackles a game. These stats are even more impressive given the fact that Williams was the sub in the first 3 of these games, resulting in him being dropped for the next 3 games. If you remove these three sub-affected games Williams’ 2015 average is an impressive 88.7.

GWS have a far from settled defensive line. While they have 2015 All-Australian Heath Shaw back there, as well as the ever-reliable Phil Davis and have added the experienced head of Joel Patfull in the offseason, the rest of the positions in defence are up for grabs.

Williams has shown that he can be a consistent scorer, and while he will not give you a 100 every week, he has proved himself to be a consistent scorer when given the chance. The question you have to ask yourself when considering Williams is whether he can average enough to make him a valuable asset to your team as a POD.

The con is pretty obvious. Will he maintain his place amongst the best 22 at the Giants? While the abolishment of the red and green vest has been a god-send he still needs to lock himself into GWS’ back 6 of Patfull, Corr, Davis, Griffen, Haynes, Shaw and Buntine. He is fitting with the likes of Hoskin-Elliot, Steele, Kelly and the rookie Hopper for position in the side depending upon how the Giants decide to set up. What we know is that when Williams plays a full game he can score some very solid points.

Whilst Williams’ price of 375k is awkward, and many would suggest it is too much to spend for an unproven player, it can definitely have an upside.

If he fails to play or score within the first three rounds, you can downgrade him to a rookie without missing the price rises and use the extra cash for upgrades later down the road.

Or on the other hand if he gets off to a good start, he may make some quick cash and possibly even become a keeper.

Verdict: Monitor closely throughout the NAB Challenge and if he plays back him in to score well and hold his spot in the GWS defence. He may just be that different type of player you need.

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