Player Radar – Chad Wingard

Welcome back folks for another SuperCoach Player Radar Article. With so many options to choose from in the forward line this year, it is going to be hard to narrow it down to just 3-4 premos. Today on the player radar we have Chad Wingard from the Port Adelaide FC.

Player: Chad Wingard
Team: Port Adelaide FC
Age: 22 years and 5 months
Price: $527,800
Position: Fwd
2015 Avg: 97.8
2015 Games: 22
100+ Scores: 12

No stranger to big SuperCoach scores, Wingard is a consistent player and a reliable option when it comes to picking our 2016 SuperCoach teams. Regularly scoring tons and rarely getting injured, Wingard is a very good SuperCoach prospect.

When it comes to his scoring Wingard doesn’t have any problems. Scoring 12 tons, a few scores in the 90s and going big with scores of 138, 122, 122 and 121 Wingard is near elite with an average of 97.

At just 22 years old Wingard is still learning the game and getting better every season. Improving his average of 79 in 2014 to 97, Wingard has shown that the older he gets the more dangerous he will be and the more points he will score.

When it comes to injuries nothing is worse in SuperCoach. The annoying feeling you get when you have to burn a trade on a good player that has gone down is a very painful experience and is very agonising. This shouldn’t be a problem with Wingard as he has only missed the one game in the last three seasons (touch wood). As coaches knowing this it will make us feel much more comfortable with selecting the young FWD who is expected to get moremMidfield time this year

When it comes to the negatives for Wingard, they’re very hard to find. He’s a young player and improving every year.

There are some negatives, believe it or not. Wingard is competing with a very difficult midfield at the Port Adelaide FC. With the likes of Travis Boak, Ollie Wines, Hamish Hartlett and Robbie Gray ahead of him it could be very hard for Wingard to be consistently ran through the midfield. Although he is expected to get more time there, there is still a big chance he could play mainly as a forward.

A consistent scorer and with more Midfield time looming, Wingard is an outright gun. A ball magnet and a goal kicking machine. Wingard will be very reliable and will pay you back for the faith you had in him if you were to select him.

Verdict: Lock him in alongside Zachary Merrett. Two young guns, Two dangerous scorers and an amazing combo.

2 thoughts on “Player Radar – Chad Wingard

  1. I’m tossing up between Dahlhaus, Wingard and Barlow for my F2/F3 spot. Only problem is I’m trying to fit Zach Merrett alongside them.


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