Sydney SuperCoach Preview 2016

The latest installment of Shorty’s Shortlist. We take a look at Sydney and what they have to offer in 2016. This series isn’t a typical preview, more of a look at some options – under-valued players or players that are about to burst into the elite.

Plenty of options at the Swans this season, at least to have on your radar. A must-have DPP, a bloke called Buddy and some rising talents.

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3 thoughts on “Sydney SuperCoach Preview 2016

  1. Interesting year coming up for my Swannies. Again I feel like our fortunes will be dependant on one L. Franklin. And for that reason I think I’ll have to pick him haha.


    1. I picked Franklin last year and he was a little inconsistent. He can go big but has quiet matches. A mate told me never to buy premium key forwards in SuperCoach. Rookies like Jesse Hogan and Mitch Clarke are okay, but premiums should never be key forwards. What do you think about that Josh?


      1. Totally agree Pinidu. As a rule of thumb I never go with key forwards, but I’ve had Riewoldt and Pavlich in the past so there are exceptions. The only thing with Buddy is you don’t want to miss a 180 or a 200 if he pumps it out, like he has in the past.
        Definitely I’ll be keeping it safe with mid/fwds on the whole though.


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