Player Radar – Dylan Shiel

Welcome back folks to another Player Radar article. This year the most difficult challenge in making our teams is the midfield. With so many different options it is very hard to keep it down to around 5 premium midfielders. In this article I’ll be previewing one of the upcoming young gun midfielders in the competition, Dylan Shiel.

Player: Dylan Shiel
Team: GWS Giants
Age: 22 years and 10 months
Price: $554,600
Position: Mid
2015 Avg: 102.8
2015 Games: 14
100+ Scores: 9

The Giants are in for a treat this year when they get back Dylan Shiel from injury. This kid can bloody play. Averaging big numbers such as 26.1 disposals, 3 marks and 4 tackles a game there is no hiding that Shiel has a very special talent when it comes to finding the pill and using it well. Shiel is a gun in the SuperCoach arena too, having big scores such as 136, 146 and 149.

Shiel’s ability to score tons at his own will is a tremendous skill. Scoring 9 tons from 14 games, and two scores over 95, Shiel has given coaches something to think about when it comes selecting their teams. Scoring tons frequently and consistently Shiel scored a ton every 1.5 games last season.
Shiel has the privilege of having one of the best ruckmen in the competition, Shane Mumford, palming the ball down to him at every stoppage, as well as having Callan Ward, Ryan Griffen, Josh Kelly and Toby Greene by his side.

Every season Shiel has made an improvement. In his first season he only played the 12 games with an average of 75.3. His second he became a more week in week out selected player playing the 21 games averaging 75.5 for the year. Shiel then went on to average 94.8 in his third season and in his fourth season (last season) he averaged 102.8. Shiel seems to be improving every year, can we see him improve his average to 110+ this year?

Shiel missed the last 8 games of the 2015 home and away season due to a season ending injury to the knee. As knees are sometimes re occurring injuries, so there is always a dangerous risk for us coaches that we could be using a trade due to Shiel getting injured sometime in the 2016 season.

Although Adam Treloar leaving could benefit Shiel in terms of more midfield time, Treloar leaving could effect him in a negative way too. Shiel is now in the top two midfielders at the Giants meaning he will get more attention and could be tagged out of games. This happened three times last season in rounds 3, 12 and 15, where he had stinking scores of 52, 54 and 46 respectively.

Dylan Shiel is a running machine, ball magnet and a leader on and off the field. He’s a fairly consistent scorer that occasionally has bad scores. If you were to pick him it would be as your MID 4-5.
Verdict: If all reports about his knee is good during this pre season, lock him in with confidence.

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