Player Radar – Zach Merrett

It’s that time of the year again folks. The time of the year that we all sit back and spend countless hours planning and working on our SuperCoach sides for the 2016 season. My first article for this year and for SuperCoach HQ will be my verdict on a young gun from the Essendon Football Club, Zachary Merrett.

Player: Zachary Merrett
Team: Essendon FC
Age: 20 years and 3 months
Price: 477,400
Position: Mid/Fwd
2015 Avg: 88.5
2015 Games: 17
100+ Scores: 2

With 12 of Essendon’s best players being banned for 12 months following the CAS Doping decision, Merrett will have the opportunity to get more game time in the midfield at the Dons this year.

For a player to average 88 in just his second year with not much support around him is an exceptional effort. Being one of Essendon’s only shining lights during the 2015 season, Merrett has already shown he has the potential to score elite in the SuperCoach arena posting scores of 130 and 140 in two of his games last year respectively.

Merrett spent some time down forward last year meaning he has a handy Mid/Fwd DPP status this year. With the loss of Dyson Heppell, Jobe Watson, David Myers, Travis Colyer and Heath Hocking, Merrett will be given more midfield time which in other words means more SuperCoach points.

Merrett’s 2015 SuperCoach season was fairly consistent. Posting two 100+ scores, three scores in the 90s, six in the 80s and only one below 75. Merrett is a reliable scorer who you can trust to perform week in, week out. Merrett still being fairly young we can expect his average to rocket up much more as he gets more experienced in his third season of AFL.

Yes, the lack of quality midfielders means that Merrett will have more midfield time but with the lack of guns around him, will it effect his scoring?

When the Suns lost Ablett during the 2014 season their young players didn’t perform well without their leader around them. This leads me to think that if one player could effect a team, will a group of five experienced players from the Essendon midfield group effect Merrett even more?

Merrett only getting two 100+ scores in 2015 may be a concern. For a player that you would be looking to have as your FWD 3 or FWD 4 you would be looking for about seven tons from the player for that year.

Part of Merrett only scoring two tons may have been caused by his niggling injuries that eventually ruled him out for the rest of the season. If these injuries are reoccurring can his scoring be effected a second season in a row? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Merrett having surgery at the end of the season and missing the last five games will get rid of the niggling injuries. If you were to select Merrett I think it would be as a forward rather than a midfielder, at FWD 3 or FWD 4. He’s currently in my team and depending on his NAB Cup there is a good chance he will be staying there.

Verdict: Consider carefully, watch his NAB and pick him. I don’t think he will let you down.

One thought on “Player Radar – Zach Merrett

  1. Keeping the philosophy about players not performing well without a leader/gun, what do you think the effect would be on Adelaides midfield and the likes of Crouch, Sloane etc?


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