Geelong SuperCoach Preview 2016

The latest installment of Shorty’s Shortlist. We take a look at Geelong and what they have to offer in 2016. This series isn’t a typical preview, more of a look at some options – under-valued players or players that are about to burst into the elite.

Plenty of hype surrounding the Cats in 2016, does the same go for their SuperCoach prospects. I think so.


2 thoughts on “Geelong SuperCoach Preview 2016

  1. Noticed Cockatoo wasn’t mentioned had him as a cash cow option since your a cats supporter I would love to get your opinion on scoring potential red the vested article and had picked him with the expectation of making 130k + what do you see his projected ave. 55 or less, 55-65, 65-75 or 75+


  2. Yeh he’s a pretty handy option and one to watch! As you can see I talked quite a bit about the Cats, really a lot of options there. I thought about putting him in but couldn’t quite squeeze him in. My thoughts on him, he is still far from cemented in the line up and is a very inconsistent player by nature and position. He has talent to burn and qualities we need. So he will be given opportunity, but the fact he have the likes of Duncan back, Selwood in, Bartel playing more, and a bloke called Dangerfield came along too..
    He will find it very hard to get midfield time. On that basis I’d have him averaging around the 65 mark, give or take slightly I think. But watch him closely, it’ll be all about that pre-season form.
    Thanks for the question, hope it helped.


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