Collingwood SuperCoach Preview 2016

The fourth installment of Shorty’s Shortlist. We take a look at Collingwood and what they have to offer in 2016. This series isn’t a typical preview, more of a look at some options – under-valued players or players that are about to burst into the elite.

My handbrake can tell you Scott Pendlebury will be a safe pick in 2016, here we look at some players worth discussing and some to keep on your radar.

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2 thoughts on “Collingwood SuperCoach Preview 2016

  1. Hey Daniel,
    Just wanted to share my thoughts on how the Pies midfield might operate; towards the end of last season Pendles was spending a considerable amount of time behind the ball through half back in an attempt to help and lead the young and developing backline. Not only him but Dane Swan spent a lot of time in the forward 50 as well…both at half forward and in the forward pocket. Now that the Pies have brought Treloar in I reckon Pendles and Swanny will both spend some time in other areas of the ground and leave the midfield to the likes of Treloar, Adams, Crisp, Greenwood and De Goey and I reckon that becuase of this Trelaor is gonna be the most successful Collingwood midfielder in terms of SuperCoach in 2016. What do you think?


  2. Cheers for the comment mate.
    Yeh it’s a good point, I saw those positional moves first hand at the G’ when Pendlebury had 32 touches and 155SC points and Swan, before he went off injured, was dominating with 14 and 83SC against Geelong late in the year. I agree with your point on Treloar, he may very well explode and be the best scorer, he has the potential. But I still think Pendlebury will play a huge role through the midfield. He is still in his prime and is the Pies go-to man when the job needs to get done. He may at times come off half-back etc but for mine, he is still Collingwood’s most important player and won’t be left at HB too long.


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