SCHQ BBL Fantasy Leagues

Once again this year SuperCoach HQ is providing you with some BBL Fantasy leagues so you can take on the writers and fellow readers. Sticking with the same formula from last year, the league names are based on some of the stars of the BBL.

Feel free to join a league but same as last year please don’t join more than one league. The maximum league size is only 8 which is a much smaller number of people compared to AFL SuperCoach and other Fantasy competitions. So please be kind and allow others to get their chance to face the writers, fellow readers and be able to experience an active competitive league.
As these leagues fill up I will add more.

Gayle League – 134710 
Badree League – 602443 
Sangakkara League – 365593 

Dave Hussey League – 618773
Mike Hussey League –  727767
Brad Hogg League – 480847

Ben Dunk League – 731373
Aaron Finch League – 176044
Brad Hodge League – 841548

Feel free to comment your league codes below if they need people to fill them. Merry Christmas to everyone and hopefully we’re in store for a great BBL season!


34 thoughts on “SCHQ BBL Fantasy Leagues

  1. Hey Declan,
    I have singled out three batsmen and three bowlers and two from each category will be put on my bench.
    Batsmen: M. Stoinis, A. Ross & D. Hussey
    Bowlers: J. Paris, M. Steketee & B. Stanlake
    Could you please help me pick two from each?


    1. Starting off with the bowlers I would go with Paris and Steketee. It’s a hard choice between Stanlake and Paris as both are in good form but might just miss their squads. I’d go with Paris because the bigwigs in WA Cricket are pretty big fans of Paris. Stanlake is also thought highly of but as Josh said in his predicted XI’s he might be just behind Holland in the pecking order. Steketee is the safer bet of the three and is likely to slot into the Heat’s best XI.

      With the batsman definitely go with Alex Ross as he’s been in ripping form and I think he’s a certainty to slot into the middle order. Between Stoinis and Hussey I would go with Stoinis because he looks set to be Luke Wright’s opening partner in BBL|05. Hussey will be batting lower down the order which makes him less likely to get as many points and Stoinis will be guaranteed to get a bat if he opens.

      Hope that helped Pinidu. 🙂


  2. Hey guys, since the authur, Clayton, asked us to join just one league, u guys might want some other leagues to join as well. Espeacially since there is a price for the best league, u might wanna increase ur chances by joining more leagues. Since real bbl enthusiasts come here i decided to share a few leagues i made so we do increase our chances. Feel free to join. Pls only join 2-3 leagues as if we have the same teams for all the leagues it is fruitless as we all end up getting the same scores in all leagues. So pls be responsible and join max 3 leagues. Thnx.

    Kallis’s Killers – 255579
    Watto’s Walnuts – 731870
    Mahela’s Midgets – 338822
    Gayle’s Swagmastrs – 864522
    Bravo’s Brave Bums – 281367


    1. Hey Roger, thanks for the comment.
      Thanks for posting your leagues, we encourage everyone to post their own league codes.

      We will make some more leagues, we have been unsure as to how fast they’ll be filled so we didn’t want to start with too many.
      Hope you’re enjoying the site.


  3. If some of you are wondering why you have been kicked it’s because you have joined multiple leagues. Pinidu I think I might have accidentally kicked you when I refreshed the page so please rejoin one of the leagues.


  4. Quite liking the look of this in terms of getting off to a good start and using your bench well.

    All 11 players play twice in the first week, the 4 Sixers players can be used again next week, as well as the 2 batsman & 2 bowlers on the bench = 8 in total + 3 trades =11 in week 2. Keep using that to maximise the number of players.


  5. please give me feedback on my team.
    Batsman: Sangakkarra, Gayle, Jayarwardene, Simmons, Finch (Bancroft, Lehman)
    Wicket Keeper: Ludeman (Hartley)
    Bowlers: Kallis, Bravo, Laughlin, Faulkner, Watson (Floros, Stanlake)

    Also Adelaide Strikers do not have a bye at all this season


    1. Hi Jesse, I like your team mate. You’ve packed in the international stars which is fantastic.
      I just think you could utilise the double week of Melbourne Stars and Sydney Thunder and Sixers better. It’s a great opportunity to get a lot of double points and you don’t want to miss that.


  6. Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if the streak competition is running again this year? the comp where you select a player to hit a six every game?



  7. At the moment my team looks like this: (I have one more batting slot left to fill)
    Bat: Sangakkara, undecided, Pietersen, Klinger, Finch (Ross, Stoinis)
    WK: Dunk (Hartley)
    Bowl: Henriques, Kallis, Richardson, Watson, Zampa (Steketee, Paris)
    For my missing batsmen I am tossing up between: Dwayne Bravo, Mahela Jayawardene, Chris Gayle, Lendl Simmons, Andre Russel and James Faulkner….could you please help me out? Should I perhaps upgrade Zampa for Faulkner and bring in a cheaper batsmen like Nic Maddinson?


  8. Please give me some feedback on my current team:
    Batsmen: Jayawardene, Sangakkara (VC), Botha (C), Abbott, Finch, (Sammy, C.Simmons)
    Wicket-keepers: Dunk (Whiteman)
    Bowlers: Laughlin, Christian, Cutting, L.Wright, O’Keefe (Gulbis, Turner)
    Thanks in advance 🙂


    1. G’day mate,
      Like this team. I think you could squeeze in another double week player or two though as you only have four in your starting XI. Botha is a good choice as captain for the first round.


    1. Hi guys need a league to join asap. Everything is filling up so fast. Should’ve been unlimited number of teams that could join a league.


  9. Hi, should i go jayawardene- Doherty bench cover for watson next week or C.Simmons with Kane Richardson bench cover for watson next week?


  10. Why did the all player scores from last nights Strikers v Stars match get halved? For example: Alex Ross went from 170 yesterday to 85 today and Richardson went from 200 to 100.


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