BBL|05 – Predicted XIs

Here we go again, another year of BBL cricket to enjoy. Hard to believe it’s been five years since the tournament’s inception.

I’ve tried to predict what the line-up for each side will be for their first match, taking into account injuries, suspensions, and availability as determined by  CA. Let me know what you think about the sides too!

1 Simmons
2 Ludeman (wk)
3 Jayawardene (int)
4 Hodge
5 Head
6 Ross
7 Neser
8 Rashid (int)
9 Richardson
10 Holland
11 Laughlin

Remaining squad: Stanlake, Putland, Kelvin Smith, Kingston, Lehmann, Keath, Dean

Jayawardene might open, but given the success of Simmons and Ludeman at the top last season I’d expect that partnership to continue. Expecting the Strikers to play two spinners (Rashid & Holland), so that means Stanlake, Putland and Kingston have to wait for a green wicket.

1 Burns
2 Simmons (int)
3 Doolan
4 Lynn
5 Reardon
6 Cutting
7 Floros
8 Peirson (wk)
9 Hopes
10 Steketee
11 Badree (int)

Remaining squad: Lalor, Feldman, Forrest, Buchanan, Swepson, Wildermuth, Fekete

Hard to see much else happening in the Heat XI, Forrest is a chance to play in place of Doolan perhaps, and Fekete, Lalor and Feldman will be gunning for a pace spot. 

1 Dunk
2 Paine (wk)
3 Sangakkara (int)
4 Bailey
5 Wells
6 Christian
7 Sammy (int)
8 Mennie
9 Boyce
10 Reed
11 Tait

Remaining squad: Rose, Hill, Rainbird, Milenko, van der Gugten, Webster, Michael

Most people would agree on what the opening Hurricanes squad should look like. Rose is a chance to play over or perhaps with Boyce depending on conditions, as Christian is there as a spare seamer if required. Expect to see Milenko during the tournament too. 

1 Wright (int)
2 Stoinis
3 Pietersen (int)
4 Maxwell
5 Hussey, D
6 Handscomb (wk)
7 Faulkner
8 Hastings
9 Zampa
10 Boland
11 Beer

Remaining squad: Quiney, Harper, Gulbis, Worrall, Gotch, Hilfenhaus, Triffitt

Triffitt was excellent in the last BBL with crucial lower order knocks, but Handscomb has been keeping of late and looks likely to continue that. ]Hilfy will need to work for his spot and EDIT: Stoinis will open instead of Quiney. 

1 Finch
2 Gayle (int)
3 Ferguson
4 White
5 Wade (wk)
6 Cooper
7 Bravo (int)
8 Rimmington
9 Doherty
10 Tremain
11 Walker

Remaining squad: Winter, Beaton, Hauritz, Nevill, Pattinson, Siddle, Short

White opened in the last BBL with the Stars but that simply won’t happen here. Siddle and Pattinson have been ruled out which leaves young quick Walker with the final spot, over the left armed Winter. No room for the Test keeper Nevill and I’d say the ‘Gades will prefer Doherty over Hauritz.

1 Marsh, S
2 Willey (int)
3 Klinger
4 Carberry (int)
5 Voges
6 Whiteman (wk)
7 Agar
8 Coulter-Nile
9 Tye
10 Hogg
11 Behrendorff

Remaining squad: Paris, Mitch Marsh, Muirhead, Harris, Mackin, Turner, Bancroft

Going with my gut here and saying that Willey will open the batting, as he did for Northamptonshire and did in Perth’s warm-up match. Paris’s form has been great, but is still probably behind at least three. Turner will get his spot back when Voges returns to the Test team.

1 Lumb (int)
2 Haddin (wk)
3 Maddinson
4 Carters
5 Silk
6 Botha (int)
7 Abbott
8 O’Keefe
9 Lyon
10 Bollinger
11 Bird

Remaining squad: Dwarshuis, Edwards, Lawford, Henriques, Hazlewood, Steve Smith, Starc

Four players out of the opening clash with captain Henriques suspended, Hazlewood and Smith not available and Starc injured. There are no spare batsmen so Botha will bat at six. Haddin should open and captain in Moey’s absence. 

1 Kallis (int)
2 Watson
3 Khawaja
4 Hussey, M
5 Blizzard
6 Rohrer
7 Hartley (wk)
8 Russell (int)
9 McKay
10 Sandhu
11 Ahmed

Remaining squad: McDermott, Beadle, Patterson, Pattison, Doran, Cummins, McDonald

Doran a good chance to get the keeping gig over Hartley but the Thunder might go with experience. Watson must open with Kallis while McDonald’s position is unsure. Not sure Cummins will be fit for the opening clash.

36 thoughts on “BBL|05 – Predicted XIs

  1. I’d be surprised if stoinis didn’t open in place of quiney, I also have a sneaking suspicion that blizzard will open with kallis a Watson will bat at 4, then 3 when khawaja goes back to tests. He opened in a practice game against a New Zealand team and Watson batted at 3. He also batted 4 in the matador cup.


  2. Gosh this is a life saver, thanks Josh! Will Walker be a lock at 11 all season for the Renegades because at basement price he is a very good choice if so


    1. Actually no sorry, just found out that Winter will likely miss most of BBL05 with a side strain so they signed Gannon who will like get a gig over Walker


      1. Hi Frank, I still think Walker might be ahead after seeing him bowl in Geelong on Friday. Gannon’s form hasn’t been too crash hot, he was released from the Heat after all.


  3. There was an interview with Luke Wright and he hinted either stoinis or peiterson would open. Stoinis opened in their practice game as well. I think he is much more likely than quiney


    1. I agree Matt. After seeing Stoinis open today for the Stars I think he’ll be Wright’s opening partner. Changing the line-up now!


  4. Hi Josh. My teams are quite similar, some slight differences.

    Strikers- Got Hodge at 3, Jayawardene at 4. Also Dean ahead of Ross at 6.

    Hi Josh, our sides are quite similar and I made a couple of changes to mine based on your findings (e.g. Willey and Stoinis opening for Scorchers/Stars respectively)

    Some differences however:
    Strikers- Dean ahead of Ross at 6.
    Heat- Forrest ahead of Doolan, he slots in at 5, Lynn to 3, Reardon 4. Pierson up to 6 and Cutting 7. Hopes, Fekete, Badree, Lalor make up the lineup for me.
    Hurricanes- Christian and Wells swap in batting order.
    Renegades- White and Ferguson swap, as well as Cooper and Wade. Also believe they could play 2 spinners, with Hauritz in at the expense of Walker. Bravo would then be the 3rd seamer alongside Rimmington and Tremain.
    Stars- Hilfenhaus ahead of Beer. Maxwell and D Hussey can be spinning options alongside frontline spinner Zampa.
    Scorchers- Voges swap with Carberry, and Bancroft in ahead of Agar to add a bit more batting depth. Confident with bowling attack of Willey, Coulter-Nile, Tye, Behrendorff, Hogg.
    Sixers- Agree with Botha at 6 and the 3 spinners, couldn’t leave any of them out. Only change being Cowan in for Carters.
    Thunder- Did have Watson/Khawaja at the top, but reconsidered and changed top order to what you have, with Kallis opening. Team members identical, with Russell elevated ahead of Hartley being only difference.


  5. Ignore that first Strikers comment, I also have Jayawardene ahead of Hodge in batting order! Another that I reconsidered.


  6. Will behrendorff be fit for the scorchers opening game. I read that he is currently sidelined with a back injury. If unable to play would paris be next in line n worth a bench spot in the hope he hags a spot in round 2


    1. There is a little doubt over Behrendorff yeah Josh, but I think he’ll get up. Paris is certainly ready to come in if he’s no good.


  7. Hey Josh,
    At the moment my team looks like this: (I have one more batting slot left to fill)
    Bat: Sangakkara, undecided, Pietersen, Klinger, Finch (Ross, Stoinis)
    WK: Dunk (Hartley)
    Bowl: Henriques, Kallis, Richardson, Watson, Zampa (Steketee, Paris)
    For my missing batsmen I am tossing up between: Dwayne Bravo, Mahela Jayawardene, Chris Gayle, Lendl Simmons, Andre Russel and James Faulkner….could you please help me out?


  8. Suggestions?
    Bat: C Gayle, K Pieterson, C Lynn, G Maxwell, A Finch (D Hussey, M Klinger)
    WKT: B Haddin (C Hartley)
    BWL: S Watson, D Bravo, S Abbott, J Faulkener, D Sammy (S O’keefe, J Floros)

    Have literally $0 left over to spend, so I think it’s a little risky although if my stars (Gayle, Bravo, Wattto, KP, Big show) decide to turn up and play then my gamble will surely pay off.

    Trades will be confusing with byes and double games. Any help would be great as its my first BBL fantasy year, veteran NRL SuperCoach


    1. Hi Tristan, thanks for coming by. Team looks really good, a good amount of double week players too.
      As you would know, some rounds teams play twice or not at all. You can find the details on each round in our season guide article.


  9. Thoughts on my team?

    Bat: Sangakkara, Gayle, Pietersen, Klinger, Maddison (Ferguson,Stoinis)
    Wk: Dunk (Peirson)
    Bowl: Laughlin, Tye, Maxwell, Zampa, Abbott (Mennie, Walker)


    1. Not too much around at that price, but I like Nathan Rimmington as he’s a definite starter. Not a whole lot else around, perhaps Steketee, Mennie or Floros if they get selected.


  10. Can someone please tell me when official 11 lineups are announced and where do i find it.also thankyou for your predicted 11 was very helpfull.


    1. That’s right mate he is gone. Tom Beaton will come straight in, probably further down the order however. He hit them really well in their Geelong practice match and played a few matches last year.


  11. First time player and I know it sounds stupid but my mates and I have started a comp and we are debating as to whether players who are selected as bowlers get points for batting and vice versa. I am saying they do.

    Sorry for the stupid question just chasing clarification off of a veteran.


    1. Bill don’t be sorry, no such thing as a stupid question. Bowlers DO get points for fielding, bowling and batting, as do all players.
      Any impact a player has on the match will be recorded, regardless of where they are selected in your line-up.


  12. Comment on my team please. Kallis, Petersen, Stoins, Luke Wright,Lumb, (Finch, Travis Head), Dunk (White man), Hastings, Russell, Botha, Bollinger, Abbott, (Sammy, Stekelle)


    1. Hi Mahmud, It’s a good team with all the double week players you. Very hard to improve – perhaps there are better options than Abbott but looks good to go.


  13. Thanks for doing this Josh – not sure if you will see this before BBL starts but I was wondering who you think I should captain out of Watson, Kallis, Pietersen, Russell or Wright? Thank you!


    1. Gayle, capable of bigger scores and a good strike rate fo0r a +20 or +12, and you never know he might possibly get a bowl


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