Week 7 NFL wrap

Well, you can mark week seven down as the week the Seattle Seahawks got their swagger back; swarming defence and the return of Beast Mode had them looking like their regular selves again – though playing the 49ers helped.

Elsewhere, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs tried to field goal us to death, the St. Louis Rams defence terrorised the Cleveland Browns and the Raiders torched the Chargers early on to leap into second place in the AFC West.

Though it was a big talking point throughout the week I think the less said about Greg Hardy, the better.

And with that, my takeaways from week seven:


The Washington Redskins are – somehow – in the hunt for the NFC East title

(Source: Washington Post)
(Source: Washington Post)

You know, at half-time of the Washington-Tampa Bay game, this section was going to be titled: ‘Kirk Cousins in: How to lose a job in 10 weeks.’ Then Cousins showed why so many within the Redskins’ organisation have so much faith in him. Cousins threw his second game-winning TD of the month – both in the final 30-seconds of those games – something no other active player has done.

Ok, so that all sounds pretty impressive, and I might be a little bit crazy for saying this after he has just shown how clutch he can be, but I still don’t think Kirk Cousins is the guy Washington needs. Why? Too many picks, that’s why. If your QB can’t protect the ball, you probably won’t win many games; it’s a simple formula, but one that bears repeating.

The Redskins will be thankful they play in the NFC East, where their 3-4 win-loss record has them just one game from the division lead; if Cousins can turn those picks into sticks (I don’t think that’s a thing) then the ‘Skins are in with a shot.


Fantasy watch: Kirk Cousins’ game-high 30.18 fantasy points were impressive, but it was the return to form of Mike Evans that turned heads; he had 164 receiving yards, one TD and 22.40 fantasy points in what his owners are hoping will be a sign of things to come.


The Houston Texans are a complete basket case

(Source: jjwfoundation.org)
(Source: jjwfoundation.org)

Yes I know they played the revitalised, Dan Campbell led Miami Dolphins, but that’s no excuse. The Texans D is one of only four teams to have conceded more than 190-points through week seven, and their 92.4 rushing yards per-game are good for 27th in the league. Yuck.

There have been very few positives for the Texans thus far; below average play at the quarterback position from Brian Hoyer, and the recently released Ryan Mallett, can take most of the responsibility there. A lack of stability offensively has put all the pressure on defensive end J.J. Watt and his fellow D-linemen to get the job done, and they simply aren’t.

The Texans 2013 loss to the New England Patriots in the divisional round doesn’t seem like that long ago – Houston fans will be hoping their turn around can come as quickly as their demise.


Fantasy watch: The Dolphins absolutely smoked the Texans, and no one was more damaging than Lamar Miller who tallied 236 total yards, 2 TD’s and 35.60 fantasy points in a dominant display.


The Dallas Cowboys should start panicking

(Source: cowboysblog.dallasnews.com)
(Source: cowboysblog.dallasnews.com)

No Tony Romo, no Dez Bryant and no reliable back-up QB – no, it was not Weeden time – unfortunately has me thinking the unthinkable: possibly writing off a team in the NFC East.

I’m starting to think that not even the “strong leadership” of Greg Hardy can save this team now. I won’t call it, because Dez and Romo will both be returning this season, and if they’re within three games – watch out.

They just need to hope the other three teams in their division continue playing bad football.


Fantasy watch: Cowboys RB Darren McFadden has a sneaky great game against the Giants; the offense leant on the former Oakland Raider, who amassed 162 total yards and one TD from a massive 31 touches on his way to 22.20 fantasy points.


There are still five undefeated teams in the NFL

(Source: NFL on Twitter)
(Source: NFL on Twitter)

Crazy, huh? But there’s absolutely a chance that only one could remain after week eight. Dolphins at Patriots, Bengals at Steelers, Packers at Broncos and Colts at Panthers could almost all go either way.

Whatever you do, do not miss Packers at Broncos if you can help it.


Fantasy watch: Keep an eye on that Aaron Rodgers vs. Peyton Manning duel at Mile high; I think the old fella might still have it in him to torch the Packers D.



Questions? Insults? Let us know in the comments section.





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