Goal Mouth Scramble – Round 4

Welcome back to the Scramble!
The prices have finally changed, so what little last minute changes should you be focusing on? Let’s have a look:

Check out all the teams’ ins and outs here.

Matt Jurman
The boy in blue is the leading scorer for defenders so far this season, and is at a fairly reasonable price. Sydney’s run is pretty good with CCM and Brisbane in the next two, so could he replace an underperforming defender like Dylan McGowan, Nikolai Topor-Stanley or Michael Zullo?

David Carney
As I said during the week, this guy is hot, hot, hot. But how has it happened or more importantly, can he keep it up? With City, WSW, CCM and Adelaide his opponents in the next month, you wouldn’t say his draw is particularly daunting. He’s already made his way into 21% of sides and that will only swell if he keeps on scoring.

Besart Berisha
Considering he’s in nearly half of all sides (46.8%), the form of Berisha must be questioned. Just one goal in three games (albeit with plenty of chances) means the only reason he’s not dropping in price is his popularity. Wellington and Sydney are his next two fixtures, with a bye sandwiched in-between. Is getting back on the scoresheet against Hume City during the week enough to save him? Time to make a call on the Albanian superstar.

Who are you scrambling around this week?

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