Fantasy A-League Focus – Round 3

Welcome to the first edition of the Fantasy A-League Focus. I’ll be taking a look at some of the key issues emerging in the A-League and analyse their implications for fantasy coaches.


Red Alert!

Shots on Target is probably the most important statistic in fantasy football, and that’s especially the case in the Fox Sports Fantasy A-League where you actually get a point for every shot on target a player registers.

Even without those points it’s a fair indication of whether we can expect players and teams who are scoring to keep scoring, and whether those who aren’t scoring will soon start finding the back of the net.

It isn’t a surprise that the underdog Jets currently sit bottom of the shots on target table with 3, but sitting just above them with only 4 is Adelaide United – the same team that scored 47 goals last season (3rd behind Victory with 56 and Sydney with 52).

Shots on Target (Team) after Round 2:

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 9.43.28 am

(Stats via Opta / A-League match centre)

And it could actually be worse, given that both of their shots on target against the Victory in Round 1 came after Leigh Broxham’s controversial dismissal.

While it is only Round 2, this is clearly a major concern for the normally threatening Reds. Until Guillermo Amor gets his team firing again, it seems wise to avoid bringing in any Reds attackers, and consider trading out any you already have.


High-risk Mariners

Another group to avoid based on the early signs are Central Coast Mariners defenders. Tony Walmsley has completely transformed the previously stoic Mariners into an extremely attack-minded team – great for the fantasy prospects of Fabio Ferreira, not so much for Jake McGing.

The consequence of pushing so many players forward is that it leaves them open at the back, and this is reflected in the fact they’ve conceded the most shots on target in the first two rounds.

Shots on Target Conceded (Team) after Round 2:

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 9.50.19 am

(Stats via Opta / A-League match centre)

It’s an unfortunate situation for Fantasy A-League coaches, given that the Mariners provide us with several cheap defensive options.

With Walmsley expected to continue to encourage his team to attack it’s likely his defenders won’t be keeping many clean sheets. It’s still ok to pick them given their prices, but perhaps look at your Mariners defenders as bench cover rather than starters.


Sydney setting the pace?

Graham Arnold’s men are not top of the A-League table, have scored only two goals, and they were fortunate that Jason Hoffman’s goal was ruled offside before finding a late winner against the Jets.

However, after 2 rounds they have produced the most shots on target (15) and conceded only 1 (which was a goal – as would have been Hoffman’s strike if allowed).

Again, it is only Round 2 and bigger challenges await, however if Sydney continue in this form – producing many shots while conceding very few – then their players (both attackers and defenders) will rise to prominence in Fantasy A-League.

Alex Brosque, in particular, has started well. He’s registered 4 shots on target, 4 shot assists, a goal, an assist and 3 bonus points for man-of-the-match honours against the Jets, for a total of 21 points.

An encounter with the Mariners in Round 4 may prove to be a lucrative one for Brosque owners.

11 thoughts on “Fantasy A-League Focus – Round 3

  1. Hey guys, hope you off to a good start…

    Thoughts on this?

    Looking to upgrade Lustica to Corona… Needing to sell either Finkler or Carrusca to do so (have Berisha, Fornaroli, Maclaren up top). Thinking either Castro or Sandor in. Which one best long term?



    1. Hey Macca

      Given Adelaide’s early woes & the fact that Carrusca left training early yesterday – according to the local paper – I’d probably trade him over Finkler. Sure, Finkler hasn’t had a great start either but I have more faith in Victory improving than in Adelaide.

      As for who to bring in, Castro would probably be the better player long term but it looks as though he’s struggling to find his feet in Perth. Or perhaps Perth’s formation doesn’t suit him. Castro played La Liga last season so I think he’ll come good eventually, but Sandor is already playing well. That said, Sandor plays quite deep in midfield so I would say the early goals are a bit of an aberration – prior to arriving in Perth he’d scored 2 goals in his last 2 seasons (53 games).

      Hope that helps.


      1. Thanks mate.

        Yeah that’s my thoughts re Sandor too, so probably going loing term re Castro.

        What about Corona? You think it a decent shout to upgrade Lustica to him and downgrade Carrusca to Sandor…


      2. I usually don’t recommend picking players that have deep midfield roles but Corona is a different case. He takes set pieces & is a good passer so he will probably get quite a few points for assists & shot assists, and he’s clearly going to be a bonus point magnet. So there is certainly some value in him.


      3. yeah I have Castro mate. Been a bit underwhelming so far. He joined the squad quite late compared to Sandor so he might just need game time. With no price changes happening so far i’ll give him 1 more game. I’m liking Corona. Fox Sports are obsessed with him so he’ll attract bonus points like Fabregas did in the FPL game a couple of years ago.. A Bonus Point Darling I think it’s called! Lustica looked ok last week but the subbing off makes me wonder if he’ll move to the bench. Think i’ll be entertaining a hit to get Corona.


      4. Yeah I’d be assuming McGlinchey won’t be there for R6. I’d probably keep Golec over McGing so I think maybe Vuka to Janjetovic is the right move.


      5. Thanks for the thoughts guys.

        I’ll be looking at it over weekend as had another trade I needed to make this week to ditch a non started.

        Most likely take the hit next game week to do Lustica/Carrusca to Corona/Castro…


    1. Cheers Dan

      It’s a really tough call between those two. I think either one is a fine choice & there probably won’t be much between them.

      I do think Sydney are the better team though – they’re expected to contend this season while the Mariners would probably be happy just to make the finals – so as they’ll probably be winning more, that might tip things slightly in Brosque’s favour.

      That said, Ferreira does seem to be the Mariners’ main attacking outlet & is on penalty duties – so really I’d say go with whichever you like better as I find it hard to split them at the moment.


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