Week 3 NFL wrap

Well, with three weeks of Football now in the books I think we have a pretty good picture of who will and won’t be contending for the playoffs this year.

The Colts tried their hardest to lose, but somehow still won, with inexperience costing Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans the ballgame. That win put the Colts atop the AFC South pile, though all four teams are currently sitting on a meagre one win and two losses. The Packers were impressive offensively, and basically did whatever they wanted against the Chiefs. I’ll try and keep the Aaron Rodgers superlatives to a minimum this week – if I can.

Of the seven still undefeated teams, the New England Patriots seem like the team to beat, but should they make it to their second successive Super Bowl they’ll have no shortage of competition from the NFC. The Cardinals, Packers, Panthers and Falcons are all looking menacing early.

But I’ve had four things on my mind this week, and none of them are the Brady vs. Rodgers debate.


Are the Philadelphia Eagles as bad as they’re playing, and can they turn it around?

Look, it’s hard to defend Chip Kelly and the Eagles after all the moves they’ve made since his tenure as Head Coach began.

DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Nick Foles and Evan Mathis have all departed, and often injured pair Kiko Alonso and Sam Bradford present as definite high risk/medium reward recruits.

Teething problems are normal, so I’ll reserve my judgement on the new-look Eagles until later in the year, especially considering they play in what is currently the worst division in Football – the NFC East.


Fantasy watch: Though he didn’t play this week, DeMarco Murray is on track to be the fantasy bust of the season. If you drafted him as your number one RB, it’s time to move on.


A less than ideal start by DeMarco Murray
A less than ideal start by DeMarco Murray (Source: ESPN)


 Should the New Orleans Saints shut it down, go after early draft picks?

There’s something very ‘2011 Colts’ about this New Orleans team. An ageing Hall of Fame QB gets injured, team starts to lose, keeps losing.

The strange coincidence is that it was the 2011 season when Drew Brees set a then NFL record for single-season passing yards. It’s hard to move on from someone who has been as dominant as Brees, especially when there is no clear-cut number one QB in the upcoming draft to replace him.

That said, I think it’s time for the Saints to bite the bullet and begin their rebuild as soon as possible.


Fantasy watch: Mark Ingram was the only shining light for the Saints, amassing 99 yards, 1 TD and 15.9 fantasy points from just 19 touches.



Could this be the end for Brees and the Saints?
Could this be the end for Brees and the Saints? (Source: Wikimedia Commons)


Is the timing right for a genuine run at the Super Bowl for the Arizona Cardinals?

Though they’ve been impressive early on, and their 42 points per game will attest to that, the Cardinals are not in the conversation. Yet.

Why would I say that? Because their three wins have come against the Saints, the Bears and the 49ers – teams with just one win between them.

Sure it’s a great sign that your offense is firing, and your defence is swarming, but I’m going to need to see them beat at least one good team before they can be considered a genuine Super Bowl threat. Week 10 at Seattle and week 11 against the Bengals loom as important games for the Cardinals’ title aspirations.


Fantasy watch: CJ2K turned back the clock with 110 rushing yards, 2 TD’s, 40 receiving yards and 27 fantasy points. This production isn’t likely every week, but he would make a useful back up if available on the waiver wire in your league. 


Chris Johnson could provide valuable fantasy bench cover
Chris Johnson could provide valuable fantasy bench cover (Source: Wikimedia Commons)


It’s Weeden time? No Dez Bryant and no Tony Romo might not be too bad for the Dallas Cowboys

Don’t get me wrong, they are their two best players, but behind that offensive-line I could be the QB for the Dallas Cowboys. All Brandon Weeden has to do is protect the football; the offensive line will give him enough time to go through his progressions and make the necessary throws.

Weeden did that for the most part, though that pick would’ve had fans of America’s Team tearing their hair out. Romo simply doesn’t make decisions as poor as that.

As long as Jason Witten and Sean Lee stay healthy, the Cowboys should still win the NFC East. I really hope I didn’t just jinx them.


Fantasy watch: The duel between RB’s Devonta Freeman and Joseph Randle was refreshing, though the former won out, tallying up 193 total yards, 3 TD’s and 37.3 fantasy points.


Brandon Weeden starting isn't the end of the world for the Cowboys
Brandon Weeden starting isn’t the end of the world for the Cowboys (Source: scout.com)


Questions? Comments? Think I really did jinx the Cowboys? Let us know in the comments.

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