MoneyBall Prelim Finals Promotion

The following is a promoted post, and is intended for audiences over 18 years of age only.

Footy finals means SuperCoach is pretty well irrelevant, but just as they have all season, MoneyBall have some great contests to get involved in.

The following is from Ash at MoneyBall who has given our readers a special insight into the games this preliminary final weekend.

“This week we’ve increased the Fantastic Friday Guaranteed to a massive $2K and increased the Friday Fever back to $1K.”

“As you will see we are also testing out our new $15 & $30 prize structures.”

“If any of these contests do fill quickly before bounce we will be sure to open another Special.”

So for this weekend we’ve got:


AFL $2K Fantastic Friday ($15 entry, 158 Spots) -> play Fantastic Friday

AFL $1.5K Saturday Slam ($10 entry, 176 Spots) -> play Saturday Slam

Other Contests:

AFL $1K Friday Fever ($30 entry, 38 Spots) -> play Friday Fever

AFL $750 Super Saturday ($20 entry, 42 spots) -> play Super Saturday

Doesn’t matter if you haven’t played all year or you just have a few coins in your wallet or purse, there will be a league for you.

Vitally important to only gamble what you can afford to lose, but the bottom line is to have fun!


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