Grand Final Trade Winds

Well this is it folks. If you’re still reading this article its because you have made the Grand Final in at least one league, so congratulations to you for achieving that – it is certainly not an easy feat. Unfortunately the selection table, injuries and suspensions have not made it easy for us this week, especially with most teams devoid of trades – or perhaps only having the solitary trade left. With some big names out, that makes your choices very difficult – what you decide today could well be the difference between glory and devastation. Peruse our info and take on board what you will – hopefully we can help you get over the line and take home the Premiership Cup.

The first and most obvious player missing from lineups this weekend is Fremantle superstar Nat FYFE. After a chequered last few weeks – including a report last weekend – FYFE has now succumbed to a leg injury that will see him miss the last two regulation games and possibly a Final. This could cost him the Brownlow, but more importantly devastates the 54% of SC teams who have him. Priced at $570,300 with an average of 124 and a highest score of 162, FYFE was the ‘must have’ of 2015 – but has now let us down for the big one. Replacements are quality though, and if you don’t have much of a nest egg the best look to be Scott PENDLEBURY (116), Tom ROCKLIFF (95) or Matt PRIDDIS (114), with the left-field selection being Dayne ZORKO (100).

To another vitally important cog in SC teams who is unfortunately on a self-initiated ‘holiday’ for two weeks, Hawk defender/mid Luke HODGE. Suspended for a pretty silly act on Port Chad WINGARD, HODGEY has been gold in defences this year, valued at $523,500 and averaging 108 pts per game for the 39% of SC teams who have him. They would be frustrated, but hopefully if trades are in hand the situation can be remedied. As a defender, look at options such as Shaun HIGGINS (95), Liam PICKEN (100) or Bachar HOULI (97), or if you have him as a midfielder then slot in Adam TRELOAR (106), Leigh MONTAGNA (111) or Sam MITCHELL (108).

Despite the two big names being out of the way the hits just keep coming. Gold Coast rookie defender/mid Adam SAAD is out with a groin injury, causing even pain to the 30% of SC teams who still have him. Possibly on the field as the last defender (surely not as a midfielder?), SAAD now leaves a hole just when you needed him the most. Valued at $352,100 with an average of 78 pts per game and a highest score of 107, fortunately there are a few quality choices to slot in if you are desperate. The best of these appear to be Nick MALCESKI (65), Sam FISHER (78) or Jeremey McGOVERN (80), with a nice POD available in the form of Fremantle returnee Michael JOHNSON (80).

Next in line by popularity is Bulldogs small forward Caleb DANIEL. Probably only in the 14% of SC teams as a bench player, if you have a trade left and need some coverage you may need to move him on. Valued at $230,800 and averaging 55 pts per game, DANIEL has been solid without setting the world on fire – just what you need from a backup. Should you have the luxury of replacing him, take a good look at Nathan VARDY (93), Aaron YOUNG (49) or Cam McCARTHY (55)

Richmond captain Trent COTCHIN has had a solid but unspectacular season 2015, averaging 99 pts per game for the 7% of Sc teams who have persisted with him. Valued at $434,500, COTCH has dropped $122,000 from the start of the season – although he did have a highest score of 162 pts. If you have stuck with him then the options to replace him with are just as unpredictable – look toward Steve JOHNSON (85), Shaun BURGOYNE (85) or Pearce HANLEY (83). If you are on the prowl for a serious POD, have a crack at Levi GREENWOOD (78).

Carlton midfielder Marc MURPHY has sparked up pretty well in recent times for the 2% of SC teams who have him, however he is out with a shoulder injury for the big GF weekend coming up. MURPH has averaged a fairly tidy 103 pts per game in 2015, with an attractive highest score of 151 to finish with a value of $543,800. What that means for those teams who have him is that the options to fill the gap he has left are pretty good – take a punt on Leigh MONTAGNA (111), Rory SLOANE (106) or Adam TRELOAR (106). Those looking for a left-field option who might surprise, go no further than Mitch ROBINSON (90) – but you’d be a braver coach than I if you did that.

Finally we come to improving Geelong bull Josh CADDY. Very much the in-and-under type Geelong needs with SELWOOD get heavily tagged each week, CADDY has been fairly impressive in 2015, averaging 94 pts per game for the 2% of teams that have him, including a massive highest score of 171. Unfortunately he’s now out with a knee injury, however with a value of $504,800 the options to replace him with are bordering on elite. Take a serious look at Andrew GAFF (104), Dan HANNEBERRY (113) or Keiran JACK (101), or if you need a slightly different player take a punt on Matthew BOYD (104).

Well that’s it for this week, and indeed for this season. Hopefully you manage to pull a few gems out of that bunch and ensure your team a GF victory. Good luck on the weekend, thanks for your loyalty to the site and we look forward to bringing you more information over the off-season and the buildup to another exciting Supercoach season in 2016.

4 thoughts on “Grand Final Trade Winds

  1. Hey Pinidu. I would go Sloane over Mundy for a couple of reasons. Looking at Sloane first I give Adelaide a big chance of upsetting WCE this week, and I don’t think WCE have any lock-down taggers anyway – and even if they did, they would go to Dangerfield instead. Sloane is a ripping form at the moment too. When you look at Mundy, firstly there is always the chance of late withdrawals with Freo playing Melbourne – Lyon has done that before. Secondly he will surely get either Vince or Viney tagging him, which means a pretty tough day at the office. Of course he may come out and score 150, but when you look at it objectively I’d have to lean toward Sloane. Good luck!


  2. Yes mate, I certainly would consider Armo also – but I’m a bit biased as a Saints man. My only slight concern with him is that he is named in the ‘from’ on the bench, which is a bit unusual and make me think that maybe he won’t get up for the game? If he’s confirmed as a starter than yes, he’s definitely one to consider.


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