Players With PODential – Grand Finals!!

Well done on making the Grand Final, if you were able to get there. If not, better luck in 2016 – but stick with your side over Rd22-23 and see where you can finish overall!

Let’s get into these PODs. This week we’ve already lost Hodge & Fyfe, and it’s not even Thursday! Teams could be carnage over the next two rounds, but we’re all in the same boat! This week I am looking at the best three options in each position. They are ranked 1, 2 & 3. If you’re unable to afford (or already have) number one, then consider the second ranking. Theres a few guys (such as Dayne Zorko) who I’ve left out, as I have strictly stuck to player that are selected in less than 5% of sides. I’ve not written any stats or reasoning, so if you have questions, go ahead and ask! Or just take my words for it….. Enjoy!

1. Corey Enright
2. Sam Gilbert
3. Michael Hurley

1. Cam Guthrie
2. Mitch Wallis
3. Luke Shuey

1. Matthew Kreuzer
2. Ben McEvoy
3. Callum Sinclair (forward DPP)

1. Aaron Hall
2. Mitch Robinson (midfield DPP)
3. Nick Riewoldt

Drop a comment if you have any comments or questions. I’m also contactable via our FaceBook page or through my Twitter

3 thoughts on “Players With PODential – Grand Finals!!

    1. Don’t want to intrude on Aaron’s post Pinidu but I like Fyfe into Sloane, because the Saints have some good defensive midfielders so Hanners might be contained. Assuming Picken is named, that’s a smart move too.


    2. Hi Pinidu,
      I agree with Josh. Picken seems a smart option and Sloane has been in ripping form. They are both slight PODs as well (one is 7.8% and the other is 7.6%). I would’ve included both here as they’re better options, but I went with players under 5%.


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