Trade Winds for Round 21

CARNAGE, CARNAGE, CARNAGE!!! We’ve been saying all year to hold onto some trades as they become gold at Finals time, and with the selection table shenanigans that went on last night its easy to see why. A lot of teams will be in disarray this morning, with coaches valiantly trying to shuffle the deck to ensure that they somehow end up with enough players on the field to put a decent score together. It’s Preliminary Final weekend people – the weekend many believe to be superior to the GF – so don’t hold back. Better to make the Big Kahuna with no trades and have a crack, than be sitting out next week with a trade or two still up your sleeve and useless. Check it out folks – and lets see if we can sneak a player or two into your lineup who makes all the difference.

The most popular player to go down this week – selected in an impressive but saddening 32% of SC teams – is Swan midfielder/forward Tom MITCHELL. Priced at $472,200 and with a very nice average of 101 for season 2015, MITCHELL got poked in the eye at training during the week and the word is he could be out for two weeks, meaning he simply has to go. If you have him as a midfielder look to replace him with Dyson HEPPELL (104), Steele SIDEBOTTOM (104) or Callan WARD (106). If you have him in your forwardline, the best replacements seem to be Cyril RIOLI (94), Jimmy BARTEL (86) or Jarrod ROUGHEAD (97).

Second in line in terms of popularity – selected in 16% of SC teams – is Lion midfielder Daniel RICH. Solid without being spectacular in 2015, RICH is now worth $363,800 and has finished up with an average of only 81 pts – a bit less than his owners would’ve hoped for. Finding a replacement around that price is a little more difficult, so you need to take a bit of a punt. The best options seem to be Tom BELL (89), David ZAHARAKIS (77) or Mav WELLER (73). Good luck with that one!

Having had Luke PARKER all year, his game last weekend was like watching a nightmare. Firstly his head was knocked off the planet by Nathan BROWN, which he somehow survived only to then have his leg twisted under him like a pretzel, ending his night and his SC season. PARKER is a gun, but his average of 100 would’ve been slightly disappointing for the 14% of owners who have him. Valued at $483,100 the most viable replacements in the midfield look to be Jack STEVEN (105), Rory SLOANE (103) or Callan WARD (106).

Another popular midfielder who has taken his game to a new level this season – particularly in the first half of the year – is Saint bull David ARMITAGE Still selected in 9% of SC teams, ARMO is out with a surprise shoulder injury which could see him miss a couple of games. With an average of 111 and a current price of $512,500 he has definitely not let his owners down, however the time has come to move him on. If you have a little in the kitty you can almost get anyone – if you haven’t, then look at Andrew GAFF (104), Robbie GRAY (111) or Jack STEVEN (105).

Perhaps the biggest surprise packet in terms of SC scoring for 2015 has been Bulldogs defender Liam PICKEN. Renowned as a tagger, PICKEN has been let lose this year and hasn’t looked back, averaging 100 pts per game for the 9% of SC teams who still have him in their lineup. Unfortunately he is out this weekend, and that could make all the difference about whether you make the GF or not. If you have the trade, get him out! The best replacements in the backline look to be Alex RANCE (96), Shaun HIGGINS (97) or Corey ENRIGHT (95).

A long-serving star of the SC fantasy football world is Fremantle spearhead Matthew PAVLICH. Possibly in his last or second-last season, big PAV continues to lead his team admirably despite his output waning somewhat. Still selected in 5% of SC teams this year, PAV has averaged a disappointing 80 pts per game, and is now out for this weekend game. Luckily the possible replacements aren’t too shabby – concentrate on Jack RIEWOLDT (95), Tom BELL (89) or Tex WALKER (81).

Bull dog stalwart and perennial SC favorite Matthew BOYD is another who has just kept chugging along this season, despite only being picked in just over 1% of SC teams. As he has most of his career, BOYD has averaged over 100 pts per game in 2015, however he too will be missing from the Doggies lineup this weekend – just when you need him the most. If you are one of the few teams who have him, look to move him on for Keiran JACK (101), Callan WARD (106) or Jack STEVEN (105).

Although this are the big name players missing, it is by no means the end of the possible SC carnage for your team with other popular players such as Jake LEVER, Andrew BOSTON, Jack STEELE, Buddy FRANKLIN, Nathan BROWN, Devon SMITH, Gary ROHAN, Charlie DIXON, Dylan ROBERTON, James KELLY, Jack ZIEBELL and Chris MASTEN all missing for the upcoming round. If you have two or more your season could be over – hopefully you have some decent bench cover. Either way, keep your fingers crossed there aren’t any more late withdrawals – its going to be a big weekend.

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