Schon’s Skippers – R21

Welcome to Prelim Final week! You’re still alive? Well done, you’ve had a successful season, so far. Vital that you keep up the form this week because remember; If you’re not first, you’re last!

Luke Hodge
Hodgey loves playing at Etihad with a great average of 116 there over his career. This match would’ve looked massive pre-season, but the Hawks should smash the Power, which means a decent score from Captain Luke.

Brett Deledio
When it comes to big scores for Tigers, Deledio is the man with six 130+ scores in 2015. He’s got a great average (112) against the Pies including averaging 126 in his last three against them.

Joel Selwood
I thought that Selwood’s average would be a bit higher against the Saints, but it stands at only 99 from 7 games. But Selwood has been an animal in the last month and at Etihad he’s a good chance to score well again.

Patrick Dangerfield
Anyone who doubted Danger (me) ought to have a long hard look at themselves. He dominated the Bombers as the good midfielders have all season and delivered his fourth 150+ score of the year. Brisbane in Adelaide should be a similar result.

Tom Rockliff
Highest score of the year for Rocky against a really weak Carlton side. The Crows are a tough challenge but he averages 110 against them over his career.

Todd Goldstein
Isn’t it amazing that many of us were disappointed with Goldstein’s 122 on the weekend? Is that the best you can do Toddy? He will have it tougher this week against Fremantle, historically his worst side (damn you Sandi!). However, the match is at Etihad, where he’s averaged 140 this season.

Nat Fyfe
Mr Nat Fyfe had a brilliant third quarter on the weekend and nearly dragged his side back into the game. Only the one Etihad Stadium game this year produced 146 points for Fyfe. Oh, and he averages a very handy 117 against the Roos.

Matt Priddis
Priddis had his lowest score since Round 1 on the weekend during the Derby, but no travel this week as the Eagles have WB in Perth. Priddis averages right on 100 against the Dogs and only once this year has he scored two sub-100 scores in a row.

Top three captaincy selections:
3. Nat Fyfe
2. Todd Goldstein
1. Patty Dangerfield

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