Players With PODential – R21

It’s prelim final week! This week, and next, I’ll bring you a POD player from each position that can help you get in the GF and hopefully win it! Happy SuperCoach-ing.


Corey Enright (DEF) – Last 5 games: 95, 79, 84, 103 & 116 – In 4% of sides
Boris may well be in his last year of AFL football, but he hasn’t stopped performing. Despite ticking over the 300 game milestone, he’s in the top 10 in defenders for season average (94.78), five round average (95.4) and three round average (101).

Alternative: Robert Murphy has had a stellar year. Has a higher ceiling than Enright, but not as good as Enright of late. Less of a POD (In 5.7% of sides)

Stephen Hill (MID) – Last 5 games: 125, 95, 113, 117 & 144 – In 1.3% of sides
Hill is the third highest scoring pure SuperCoach midfielder over the last five rounds; averaging 118 through this period. He’s started putting up consistently good numbers after a quiet middle part of the year.

Alternative: Mitch Robinson has scores of 123, 125 & 166 in his last 5 games, but there are a couple of 80s in there as well. Worth a look, but tread with caution. Has mid/fwd DPP capabilities.

Matthew Kreuzer (RUCK) – Last 5 games: 75, 72, 111, 101 & 99 – In 4% of sides
“KREUUUUUZZEEEE” is hitting form at the right time of the year for SuperCoach. He’s starting to put some solid scores together and is nicely priced at $455k. He’s been reasonable since coming back from injury, without getting much attention.

Alternative: Ben McEvoy has averaged 103.8 in his last six games, after returning from a stint for Box Hill. However he has two scores in the 70s in his last three games. He’s a serious POD though – in 1.6% of sides.

Brent Harvey (FWD/MID) – Last 5 games: 118, 107, 101, 109 & 121- In 5.1% of sides
Boomer has rarely dropped below 90 all year, but also didn’t have a lot of tons in the first part of the year. He was made sub in Round 15 (scored 39) and answered his critics with five good games; all reflected in the scores above. Not the biggest POD going around, but the old fella has been largely overlooked by many. Also has DPP ability, which may come in handy for the PF/GF.

Alternative: Aaron Hall has taken on a new midfield role. The low scores are a concern, but after a 37, his last four games have been 100, 92, 150 & 127. Only in 0.4% of sides – makes him a serious POD!!


Have you got any of these guys? Considering them? Did I make good choices here or some poor options?

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