EPL MoneyBall Specials

Think you know who’s better out of out Cech & Courtois? How about Hazard & Schweinsteiger? 

The following release is from our good friends at Moneyball, with whom SuperCoach HQ is an affiliate.
If you enjoy English football, then you’ll want to read on:

“We set up an exciting EPL promo today. The promo gives members who ‘Join Moneyball’ or Refer a friend to Moneyball Via the ‘Friends centre’ a Free entry to the EPL Sunday Free Ball.

The promo also gives access to existing members who enter a Guaranteed contest an entry to the EPL Free Ball and the free ball for  AFL or NRL (depending on what sport they’ve entered). 

This basically gives members 2 Bonus entries for entering just one contest and a higher chance at taking home some cash. 

The cool thing is members will also receive an entry to the EPL Free Ball every time they refer a friend to Moneyball Via the friends centre and that friend signs up. Both the member and his mate will get entry.”

If you’re interested, jump in here to play, sign up for a free ball or refer a friend for a free ball.
Don’t forget to check out the ‘Friends’ tab to join mates’ leagues and head to heads.


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