Trade Winds for Round 20

Welcome all. To those of you with the week off, enjoy the rest and preparation for next week’s huge matchups. For the majority of you who are playing for your SC life this weekend, there are a few players who will be missing this weekends games who could really make things difficult for you – especially if you are running low on those all important trades. It’s finals time but we’re going into relax mode this week – lets sit back and have a nice easy chat about team selection shall we?

First cab off the rank is of course WCE big man Nic NATANUI. Valued at $550,500 and with a very tidy average of 102 pts this season (with a top score of 152), NICNAT has proven very popular – clearly evident by the fact that he remains in 27% of SC teams. Due to unforeseen and tragic circumstances however he has been missing from the entire SC Finals series so far, which has thrown many teams into disarray. If you have him then he simply has to go this week – there is no tomorrow after these games. The replacements come down to three names, depending on your trading ability and cash reserves – Todd GOLDSTEIN, Stefan MARTIN and Sauce JACOBS. Don’t bother even looking at anyone else at this stage.

Another player who unfortunately has a reputation for letting us down when we need him is Swan forward Buddy FRANKLIN. Values at $440,400 and with an average of 91 pts per game, BUDDY has been serviceable in season 2015, but is still in 24% of SC teams leading into this week. With his back still playing up, BUDDY has to be moved on. If you still have him, look to replace him with Tom MITCHELL (98), Jack RIEWOLDT (95), Cyril RIOLI (94) or Jarryd ROUGHEAD (96).

Brayden MAYNARD has been a late season bolter for the Pies, and made his way into 16% of SC teams, most likely as bench cover either in the midfield or down back. With an average of 61 pts per game he has done his job, however just when you need some backup he has gone missing – something that could mean disaster for your team if there are any late withdrawals. If you have him as a defender and desperately need coverage look to Jake KOLODJASHNIJ (60) or Hugh GODDARD (59). As a midfielder, replace him with Riley KNIGHT (54) or Isaac HEENEY (61)

GWS are losing midfielders left, right and centre and Adam TRELOAR is one who they will sorely miss – as will the 6.5% of SC teams who have him as a very nice POD. With an average score of 106 pts per game TRELOAR is a future star of the game, but unfortunately if you have him the time has come to move him on. The bonus is there are some great options – the best of which are Dan HANNEBERRY (115), Leigh MONTAGNA (113) and of course, Nat FYFE (125). You have to be happy with any of those three.

Finally we look at one of the most injury-prone players in the league – WCE defender Jeremy McGOVERN. A popular pick early on, McGOVERN has been in and out of the team and substituted within games heaps of times in 2015, however still managed a respectable average of 79 pts per game. The 4% of SC teams who have him will be annoyed he came back too early last weekend and strained his hammy again – now he really has to go. If need be, replace him with Brodie SMITH (74), Nick MALCESKI (65) or Jasper PITTARD (78).

I think that’s most popular exclusions covered for this week. Its do or die, so don’t try and hold on to trades for next week – there’s no point going out with one or two trades still in your hand. Its sudden death folks, do or die.

Go hard or you will go home.

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