Player With PODential – R20

Jimmy Bartel

Jimmy Bartel
Played: 7
Price: $495,800
3 Round Av:
5 Round Av:
Owned By: 3.9% of sides (8,689 teams)

We know what to expect from Jimmy. He has been such a great player for so long now. He was a top 10 draft pick, he’s won 3 premierships, a Norm Smith Medal, two All-Australian selections and a Brownlow Medal to top it off; all while ticking over 250 games for one club. He is certainly in the twilight of his career, but that has by no means quelled his SuperCoach output.

His season average doesn’t properly reflect his SuperCoach season. In Round 1 he scored a solid 91, before missing Round 2 through injury. In Round 3 he was injured early, after only 2 disposals, and was subbed out on 5 points. Since he’s returned, he has played 5 games in a row and is averaging 105.

Scores since his comeback from injury: 116, 101, 111, 93 & 104

What stood out to me about Bartel was his consistency. If we take out the game where he hurt his knee then he has averaged 102.5 over the season, not 88.57… More importantly, he’s strung 5 games together since an 11 week lay off and has scored well. His ceiling isn’t as high as some of the other forwards but in SuperCoach finals you need someone scoring consistently well, who’s scores aren’t up and down. Jimmy is your man!

Averages against upcoming opponents: Hawthorn (109), St.Kilda (101), Collingwood (89) & Adelaide (104).

Those averages are excellent, considering that’s across a 10 year SuperCoach career. The one worry is Collingwood, mainly because that is Round 22 (the SuperCoach Grand Final week). However, 89 is still solid and his last 5 games against Collingwood are solid: 96, 112, 107, 99, 102. Plus that game against Collingwood is at the MCG; a venue that Bartel averages 100 at, over 39 games.

Are you going to give Jimmy a chance in your side? Let me know your thoughts by dropping a comment below or hitting me up on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Player With PODential – R20

    1. Hey Pinidu! Sorry about the late reply. From the 3 I would’ve picked Goddard. He put up a solid score in R20, but so did Dahlhaus! Hope you went one of those two, seeing as Bartel scored in the 60s! Hopefully Bartel performs better this week.



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