Trade Winds for Round 19

Okay…so who’s wishing they held onto more trades now? Its the first week of SC finals and there has been a fair bit of carnage on the selection/injury table, with quite a few popular and big name players sitting out matches this weekend and beyond. With most teams only having a handful of trades left if that, it becomes time to make some shrewd choices. If you have the double chance do you roll the dice and not trade this week? Do you then risk going out in straight sets? If you have to move players on, have a look below before you do.

Lance FRANKLIN – Sydney – $440,400 Av 91 Back injury, out at least 1 week
Having had a disappointing SC season by his lofty standards – and dropping almost $100,000 in the process – Buddy has now succumbed to a back injury just when we needed him the most. He looked proppy last week and is out this week, but sources say he might miss two or even three games. Is it worth the 31% of SC teams holding onto him? That depends on your trade and bench situation, but if he has to go, the best replacements are as follows.
Brendan GODDARD (Ess) – $477,300 Av 97
Brent HARVEY (Nth) – $468,300 Av 91
Jack ZIEBELL (Nth) – $460,200 Av 89
Devon SMITH (GWS) – $430,600 Av 90
Jack DARLING (WCE) – $412,200 Av 85

Verdict :No real standouts here, but if you have the cash for GODDARD he’s probably the pick. Mind you, SMITH as a POD has shown he has the potential to go big at times.

Dayne BEAMS – Brisbane – $590,000 Av 113 Shoulder injury, gone for the season
The 16% of SC owners who had BEAMS knew this day was coming, it was just a matter of how long he could hold on. Suffering a recurrence of his shoulder injury, the in-form BEAMS is now gone for the year after a very productive 2015 in which he averaged 113 pts per game with a highest score of 144 and only 4 games under 100. An impressive first year at his new club, fortunately BEAMS is worth a lot so there is plenty to choose in his place.
Brett DELEDIO (Rich) – $601,800 Av 112
Luke HODGE (Haw) – $601,700 Av 113
Dan HANNEBERRY (Syd) – $567,700 Av 117
Harley BENNELL (GC) – $560,600 Av 107
Callan WARD (GWS) – $537,500 Av 107

Verdict :Hard to go past guys like DELEDIO, HODGE and HANNEBERRY, but do you have the guts to select the unpredictable but in-form BENNELL? He could make all the difference.

Ollie WINES – Port Adelaide – $466,800 Av 97 Shoulder injury, out for the season
Its been a terrible year for the Power, and WINES has been pretty indicative of their season. Injured several times, he’s now popped his shoulder out and will be missing for the remainder of 2015. He performed fairly well for the 7% of SC teams who still have him, averaging 97 pts per game with a highest score of 145. A future must-have midfielder, its now time to get him out of your team.
Trent COTCHIN (Rich) – $499,200 Av 104
Matthew BOYD (Bull) – $497,500 Av 103
Mark McVeigh (Syd) – $483,500 Av 101
Jack ZIEBELL (Nth) – $460,200 Av 89
Brent HARVEY (Nth) – $468,300 Av 91

Verdict : I know he can often get tagged out of games, but COTCHIN seems the obvious choice here if you can reach him. Otherwise ZIEBELL has the x-factor and a pretty good run home.

Robert MURPHY – Bulldogs – $456,700 Av 92 General Soreness, out for 1 week
Shocking timing for the old ‘general’ to hit our teams again, but this is just the beginning. A very dependable scorer with an average of 92 pts for the season, MURPHY is a nice POD selected in 6% of SC teams. With a top score of 120 and 8 games over the 100 mark, MURPHY can be relied upon to always score somewhere between 80 and 120 – but not this week. He should be straight back in next week, but can you wait that long?
Elliott YEO (WCE) – $470,800 Av 90
Kade KOLODJASHNIJ (GC) – $467,000 Av 93
Josh GIBSON (Haw) – $465,000 Av 92
Corey ENRIGHT (Geel) – $457,100 Av 93
Kade SIMPSON (Carl) – $452,900 Av 92

Verdict :Some nice choices here. ENRIGHT is Mr Consistency and worth a look, but if you can reach YEO I think he has the potential to make a real difference to your team.

Steve JOHNSON – Geelong – $394,700 Av 82 Suspended for one week
Is there a bigger galah in the AFL than Stevie J? Maybe the 2% of SC coaches who have him in their teams perhaps. Of course it was Stevie J who got reported for striking ex-team mate Allen CHRISTENSEN in last weekends match – another brain fade to add to the list. Having averaged only 82 pts per game and dropped a whopping $178,000 in 2015, if you still have him in your team you would be ropeable, but unfortunately that won’t help the situation. Trade him out and never get him in again.
Tom MITCHELL (Syd) – $443,400 Av 99
Isaac SMITH (Haw) – 414,900 Av 90
Shaun BURGOYNE (Haw) – $399,200 Av 83
Danyle PEARCE (Freo) – $387,400 Av 84
Luke SHUEY (WCE) – $435,200 Av 93

Verdict :An okay group to select from, I actually like MITCHELL as the Swans have a pretty good run home. Having said that SHUEY is severely under-selected and good be a great unique choice for your team.

Thankfully that’s it for this week. If you are unlucky enough to have all of these players – and there would be someone that unlucky I’m sure – then start planning your holidays, its over. If you only have one or two and have some trades up your sleeve than take the punt. Hopefully it pays off and you have reason to come back again next week for more advice. Its Finals time folks – good luck, go hard or go home.

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