Player With PODential – R19

image: Herald Sun

Brent Stanton
Played: 17 games
Price: $560,900
3 Round Av:
133.33 (5th highest player)
5 Round Av:
Owned By: 0.6% of sides (1,434 teams)

Can we trust this man yet? In AFL Fantasy, Stanton has been a great player. Since 2009, he has averaged over 100 each year in AFL Fantasy (with 99.5 and 99.9 the only exceptions). However, he’s not been able to transfer his ball finding ability into good SuperCoach scores. In the same time period that he’s done quite well in AFL Fantasy, he has averaged 95.5, 92.4, 99.4, 104.6, 94.2, 91.4 & 101.5 in SuperCoach. Not the kind of scores you want sitting in your midfield to be fair.

He started off 2015 as the exact same Brent Stanton that we have come to know in the SuperCoach world. He averaged 90.2 through the first 10 rounds, with a low of 32 and a high of 134. But he caught my attention over the past handful of weeks and with Ablett, Beams, Wines and – to a lesser extent – Fyfe going down recently, he fits the bill for a POD replacement.

Stanton’s last 7 weeks: 141, 114, 53, 116, 119, 134 & 147
This is about as consistent as I’ve ever seen Brent Stanton. The only blemish is the 53 against St.Kilda. He only had 13 disposals that game and to be fair to him, most of Essendon were garbage and the Saints were dominant. He scored a season high 147 in an 87 point loss to the Dogs, so the possibility of floggings shouldn’t be of concern.

What’s changed?
There is no two which ways about it – he is finding the ball more. Looking at bare stats, his marks, tackles, goal assists and inside 50s are roughly the same throughout the whole season. But, in the the first 10 rounds he averaged 23.6 disposals per game, with only one 30+ game. He’s also played the past 4 rounds without Jobe Watson in the side and his scores look the better for it.

Average During Rounds 1-10: 23.6 disposals and 90.2 SuperCoach points.
Average During Rounds 11-18: 28.1 disposals and 117.7 SuperCoach points.
Av During Rds 11-18 (excluding St.Kilda game): 30.7 disposals and 128.5 SuperCoach points

Can you trust Stanton enough to bring him into your side? Drop a comment below or hit me up on twitter.


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