Trade Winds for Round 18

At last the final week of home-and away games in fantasy football is upon us – and what a week it promises to be, with some real stars missing from this weekends lineups. If you’re safe and secure in the top 4 or the top 8 maybe you can hold onto your trades, but if you have any left and you need a win – this is the week to get it done. Trades are gold at this time of year, so if you have some up your sleeve, make the most of it and put the most competitive team you can on the field to get that vital victory. Good luck!

Gary ABLETT – Gold Coast – $673,300 Av 115 Knee Injury – Out for the Season
What a crappy year it has been for the little Master. First the shoulder injury, now a ‘friendly fire’ knee injury that has seen his season come to an end for the 29% of teams who have him. Many SC players brought Gazza in and made him captain last week, only to see him subbed out on 21 pts – now that really hurts. Hopefully you still have enough trades to bring in another superstar this week, and move on.
Patrick DANGERFIELD (Adel) – $654,800 Av 121
Luke HODGE (Haw) – $602,100 Av 114
Dan HANNEBERRY (Syd) – $595,900 Av 116
Scott PENDLEBURY (Coll) – $595,100 Av 116
Matt PRIDDIS (WCE) – $592,900 Av 115

Verdict :Obviously your choice of replacement for GAZ depends largely on whoever you already have in your lineup. DANGERFIELD or PRIDDIS seem the logical choices, but HODGE might just be a nice POD.

Nat FYFE – Fremantle – $562,500 Av 126 Leg/groin injury, out for ???
Whilst it appears Brownlow-favourite FYFE might only miss one week, don’t be surprised if he is also rested the following week in Melbourne against the Saints – Ross has done that before. Selected in an incredible 65% of SC teams, FYFE has been a superstar this year, however his last month hasn’t been great. With a high score of 162 and an average of 126, he’s difficult to replace, but if you can’t reach any of the ABLETT replacements listed above, then one of these might have to suffice if you really need to win.
Josh KENNEDY (Syd) – $565,600 Av 108
Sam MITCHELL (Haw) – $562,300 Av 109
Leigh MONTAGNA (St.K) – $543,800 Av 110
David ARMITAGE (St.K) – $537,000 Av 111
Luke PARKER (Syd) – $528,200 Av 104

Verdict :Out of this bunch I like KENNEDY, but either of that Saints boys might be just the POD you need – just monitor ARMO, he has a question mark over his fitness this weekend.

Nick RIEWOLDT – St.Kilda – $503,700 Av 97 Calf injury, out for at least 1 week
Like a big old thoroughbred, big ROO just keeps on going and season 2015 has been no exception. Despite missing a couple of games, RIEWOLDT has averaged 97 pts a match including his highest score of the season last weekend – 135 pts. Selected in only 3% of SC teams, he has been rested this week with calf soreness, and is another who may end of missing more than one week, although next weeks game against Ross LYON’s Dockers is certainly one he will be keen to get up for. If you need to win, perhaps you need to move the big guy on.
Luke DAHLHAUS (Bull) – $515,000 Av 103
Dustin MARTIN (Rich) – $491,600 Av 104
Jimmy BARTEL (Geel) – $486,300 Av 85
Brendan GODDARD (Ess) – $468,000 Av 97
Buddy FRANKLIN (Syd) – $459,600 Av 93

Verdict : DAHLHAUS or MARTIN would be the obvious choices here, but if you are looking for someone unique, BARTEL could be just your man.

Clancee PEARCE – Fremantle – $384,300 Av 79 Shoulder injury and form, out for at least 1 week
Selected in 8.5% of SC teams, PEARCE was one who gained a lot of appeal in the preseason and was seen as a potential breakout candidate for season 2015. His price has risen $105,000, however an average of 79 pts (with a high score of 129) was probably slightly less than his owners would’ve hoped for. Nevertheless he is out this week and maybe beyond, so the timing is right to move him on – with some surprisingly competent replacements on offer.
Harry TAYLOR (Geel) – $390,500 Av 84
Sean DEMPSTER (St.K) – $390,400 Av 80
Shannon HURN (WCE) – $387,700 Av 77
Jasper PITTARD (Port) – $378,600 Av 81
James KELLY (Geel) – $368,700 Av 77

Verdict : Some quality unique choices there, but I’d be leaning toward either of the Geelong players – TAYLOR or KELLY.

That’s about it for this week. Good luck, hopefully you make the finals or the top four and we’ll see you all back next week when the real fantasy footy begins in earnest – FINALS TIME.

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