Player With PODential – R18

image: Zimbio

Dylan Roberton
Played: 15 games
Price: $528,900 (risen $261,700)
95.27 (8th highest defender)
3 Round Av:
118.67 (3rd highest defender)
5 Round Av:
113.20 (3rd highest defender)
Owned By: 3.4% of sides (7,531 teams)

Much like many PODs, Roberton didn’t start the year off with a bang. Over the first ten rounds his scores ranged between 60s-120s, with only the two scores over 100. But after a week off in Round 11 and then the bye in Round 12, Roberton has come back flying. He was good in his first season with the Saints, playing 20 games and averaging 75 SuperCoach points. Last year he had ankle issues and only managed 7 AFL games. In fact, Alan Richardson said on On The Couch that he didn’t look like an AFL player last year (due to injury) and that he was close to not being on the list in 2015.

Pre-bye averages: 86.3 SuperCoach points, 19.8 disposals, 5.1 marks & 2.6 tackles.
Post-bye averages: 113.2 SuperCoach points, 24.2 disposals, 7.4 marks & 3.4 tackles.

While Roberton wasn’t terrible before his recent run of form, he was certainly inconsistent. During his first ten games, his SuperCoach scores ranged from 65-124, his disposal count sometimes dropped below 20 and he had a couple of games when his mark and tackle stats read a big fat zero. He has played five games since his Round 12 bye and his lowest numbers are 21 disposals, 3 tackles and 6 marks (all in the same game).

Roberton is not a high disposal getter, only registering over 30 disposals once this year. He scores his points through effective disposals, rebound 50s (11th in the AFL), bounces (17th in the AFL) and marks. Last week he scored a season high 144, by taking 8 marks and having 23 disposals at 100% efficiency.

Want a POD replacement for Gaz? Have a look at Jackson Macrae, Andrew Gaff or Steele Sidebottom.

2 thoughts on “Player With PODential – R18

  1. Reading this makes me sick!! At the same stage of the year I traded in Brodie Smith and completely ignored Roberton. Oh how I wish I could have my time again!!

    Other than that good article!


    1. Thanks, Geoff.. Appreciate it. Sorry to hear about you grabbing Smith instead. Luck of the draw, unfortunately.


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