Trade Winds for Round 17

Wow, what a week of high scores that turned out to be, starting with Goldy’s massive effort on Friday night, through Gazza and Devon Smith and finishing with Sauce Jacob’s huge result on Sunday arvo. Great stuff if you had them all – pity if you didn’t have any of them, hopefully you have some trades to rectify that situation for round 17. Speaking of which, there are a few fringe-type players who have succumbed to injury at precisely the wrong time this week, meaning that – if you have to win and you have some trades left – they need to be kicked out for season 2015.

Jeremy McGOVERN – West Coast – $335,900 Av 80 Hamstring injury, out for 2 to 3 weeks
A popular selection in 7% of SC teams mainly due to his forward/defender swing ability in 2015, McGOVERN has been solid in a defence that has suffered injury after injury this year but still held together. With a steady average of 80 pts, he had a highest score of 145 and managed three 100+ scores – however in the last 5 weeks he has only managed scores in the 40s on three occasions. Ouch, that has to hurt. If you have the trades left, you simply have to get him out – at this time of year, passengers just can’t be carried.
Sam GILBERT (St.K) – $331,500 Av 71 (100 Last week)
Jeremy HOWE (Melb) – $335,100 Av 75
James KELLY (Geel) – $343,800 Av 75
Nick MALCESKI (GC) – $347,700 Av 65
Jackson THURLOW (Geel) – $365,700 Av 80

Verdict :Not the greatest collection of replacements for a similar price, but given the stakes I would definitely be taking a chance on MALCESKI, who has scored in the 90s the last fortnight. If you want a real POD, GILBERT could surprise.
(If you have McGOVERN as a forward, check out the options for ELLIOTT/CLOKE below)

Jamie ELLIOTT – Collingwood – $339,700 Av 76 Back injury, out for 2 to 3 weeks
Selected in almost 3% of SC teams, ELLIOTT has been great at times this year, but equally disappointing at others. With a 76 pt average, his highest score was 125, with 3 matches over the sacred 100 pt mark for the year so far. Regardless of the stats, if you have ELLIOTT still in your lineup the time has come to move him on – being out for potentially 3 weeks at this time of year just doesn’t cut it.
Travis CLOKE – Collingwood – $357,500 Av 72 Calf injury, out for 2 to 3 weeks
Another Magpie to get winged last weekend – and priced at almost the same as his teammate ELLIOTT – CLOKE to has had a very undulating season in 2015. With an average of 72 pts per game and a top score of 117, he has only managed two games over 100 points and plays as if the game has almost past him bye. Could the era of the big hulking forward be over, with HAWKINS struggling as well? Time will tell, but CLOKEY should be out of the 2% of SC sides who have him now.
Charlie DIXON (GC) – $339,600 Av 68
Tex WALKER (Adel) – $361,100 Av 81
Lewis TAYLOR (Bris) – $384,500 Av 73
Paddy RYDER (Port) – $389,400 Av 82

Verdict :If you have either of these Collingwood forwards, the outlook isn’t too grim. I like WALKER as a replacement who could spark over the remainder of the season, and RYDER provides you some flexibility as a ruck/fwd, which may be invaluable come finals time.

Kurt TIPPETT – Sydney – $427,300 Av 77 Hand injury, out for 2 to 3 weeks
One half of Sydney’s dreaded – but apparently faltering – twin tower forward combination, TIPPETT hasn’t exactly set the world on fire in 2015, despite playing nearly every game until this point in the season. Averaging 77 pts for the 1.8% of SC teams who have him, the big TIP has just been serviceable – a high score of 143 was a ripper, but unfortunately there have only been 3 100+ scores for the year. Its time to get him out, but there’s a lot to like about the potential replacements on offer.
Devon SMITH (GWS) – $421,600 Av 92
Jack GUNSTON (Haw) – $424,900 Av 91
Jack ZIEBELL (Nth) – $434,700 Av 88
Brendan GODDARD (Ess) – $441,500 Av 96
Buddy FRANKLIN (Syd) – $459,600 Av 93

Verdict :In reality its probably hard to pass up FRANKLIN, however I actually think the other four represent greater consistency for your money, particularly GODDARD. The choice is yours – a steady stream of points, or a risk with BUDDY and hope he goes berserk come Finals time?

That’s a wrap for this week folks. Finals are just around the corner, with only one more round of regular home and away matches to be played after this weekend. Remember if your position in the top 4 or top 8 is assured, think twice about wasting trades this weekend – they turn into pure gold from this week on, especially as coaches start to rest their stars as the Finals appear on the horizon.

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