Player With PODential – R17

Gaff is having a great season (Image: AFL)

Andrew Gaff
Played: 15 games
Price: $570,100 (risen $97,800)
3 Round Av:
5 Round Av:
Owned By: 2.0% of sides (4,364 teams)

The former number 4 draft pick is having a breakout year, in SuperCoach and as an AFL player. His disposal numbers this year are phenomenal. Gaff has had over 30 disposals in 9 of his 15 games and has not dropped below 23 disposals in any game this year. Per game, Gaff’s Marks (5.3) and tackles (2.8) match up similar to 2014, but it’s his disposals that have improved dramatically, from 24.3 per game in 2014 to 29.9 per game in 2015. He has only gone big in a couple of games this season but his consistency is first class.

Gaff’s season so far: 104, 100, 85, 91, 115, 84, 98, 97, 100, 137, 100, 110, 118, 127, 114.

By the rankings (Gaff in the AFL):
Uncontested possessions per game – 1st 
Effective disposals per game – 5th
Disposals per game – 6th
Inside 50s per game – 18th
Total SuperCoach points – 18th
Total bounces – 19th

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