Schon’s Skippers – R17

OK. It was obvious. But I still had to say it.
Todd Goldstein and Gary Ablett were my top two captain options last round, and they delivered big time, amassing over 400 points between them.

Which got me wondering if there’s much point of me carrying on my merry way with these two set to dominate for the remainder of the season. However, one should never do half a job and not everyone has Goldstein and Ablett, who are both now more than $700,000 each.

Luke HodgeHodgey’s form into a struggling Carlton looks like a no-brainer for VC right? In his last three attempts, Hodge hasn’t cracked the ton against the Blues however, so tread with caution. His career average of 119 against Carlton and 115 at Etihad make him a convincing option though.

Gary Ablett
It blows me away how good Gary’s average against every side is, which includes the Crows (122). Only one career match at Adelaide Oval (last year) where he delivered 130. If you have the luxury of making him your VC go for it.

Patrick Dangerfield
Will we get to see Gaz and Danger to head to head? One could only hope, because Patty puts up Ablett-like numbers when the Crows play the Suns, with a 117 average from seven matches.

Nat Fyfe
Don’t tell me the firework Fyfe has already exploded and the show is over? A three-round of average of 87 has his value plummeting out of control and the number of coaches selecting him as captain are disappearing faster than the box of cheezels in the Biggest Loser green room. Richmond in Melbourne this week and I don’t have a lot of faith left.

Todd Goldstein
I’d like to know if these numbers have ever been recorded in SuperCoach: three round average of 172, five round average of 161. Just phenomenal. Comes up against Stef Martin and Matt Leuenberger who are honest but have had hundreds scored against them in the last month (Gawn, Jacobs, Sandilands).

Scott Pendlebury
Last three games against the Bullies, Pendles has averaged 143 points. Very, very good choice as a last option of the round if your first option doesn’t come off.

Top Three for Round 17:
3. Scott Pendlebury
2. Todd Goldstein
1. Gazza

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