Trade Winds for Round 16

Another week into the record books and everyone’s attention turns to round 16 – and whether now is the time to bring in Gary ABLETT. Personally I think if you have around ten trades then he is an absolute must – and even if you have less, seriously consider it. This is the best scorer in SC history people! With a gettable breakeven this weekend he should start rising in price again after this week, so grab him while you can. Fortunately there aren’t too many other major injury/suspension issues for us to deal with, however there are a couple of popular picks who have fallen by the wayside.

Dylan SHIEL – GWS – $459,600 Av 103 Knee injury – out for 6 to 12 weeks
One of the GWS midfield dynamos to really come on in season 2015, SHIEL started off like a house on fire and quickly found his way into a large number of teams. Despite cooling off over the last 5 matches with an average of only 83 pts per game during that period, he still remains in 13% of SC teams. Unfortunately a knee injury has forced him out, possibly for the season but at least for a month and a half. That’s too long, and even if you don’t have many trades left he simply has to be moved on. Certainly one who could step up to premium next year though.
Brendan GODDARD (Ess) – $453,900 Av 96
Luke SHUEY (WCE) – $456,200 Av 94
Jordan LEWIS (Haw) – $458,300 Av 98
Tom ROCKLIFF (Bris) – $510,100 Av 83
Gary ABLETT (GC) – $669,800 Av 121

Verdict :Obviously, if you have the cash or can generate it, GAZZA is your man. If you don’t or a double trade is not an option, then look to secure ROCKLIFF – he seems to be hitting his straps and is a star. Failing that, SHUEY could be a nice POD.

Shane EDWARDS – Richmond – $446,200 Av 96 Hairline leg fracture – out for 2 to 4 weeks
Another who has taken his game to a new level in 2015, EDWARDS has been a very consistent surprise packet for the 2.5% of teams who currently have him. Able to be selected as a mid or a forward, EDWARDS has averaged just under 100 with a top score for the season of 134. Its all come undone for him last weekend however, with a hairline leg fracture meaning he will miss at least the next fortnight. If you are safely in the top 4 consider holding him, otherwise the time has come to trade him out.
As a Forward
Marcus BONTEMPELLI (Bull) – $443,700 Av 97
Josh KENNEDY (WCE) – $452,200 Av 97
Brendan GODDARD (Ess) – $453,900 Av 96
Luke DAHLHAUS (Bull) – $476,400 Av 101
Jimmy BARTEL (Geel) – $498,900 Av 70
As a Midfielder
Marcus BONTEMPELLI (Bull) – $443,700 Av 97
Brenadan GODDARD (Ess) – $453,900 Av 96
Luke SHUEY (WCE) – $456,200 Av 94
Jordan LEWIS (Haw) – $458,300 Av 98
Tom ROCKLIFF (Bris) – $510,100 Av 83

Verdict :Any of the selected options should go well in your team, so its a matter of balance. In the forwards I’d lean toward DAHLHAUS, or BARTEL as a nice POD. In the midfield, ROCKLIFF is your man.

Joel SELWOOD – Geelong – $479,200 Av 96 Suspended for one week
Obviously trading a guy who has only been suspended for one week – albeit for a pretty stupid act – is kinda crazy in itself. However if you are battling for a place in your league finals, this trade could make all the difference. SELWOOD hasn’t been himself this year, clearly frustrated at playing in a team without the success he has had to his point in his career. Amazingly he has had 7 games under 90 pts – unbelievable for a player of his caliber and with his history of prolific SC scoring. There is no need for too many options – if you are looking to move him on the equations are quite simple. ROCKLIFF or ABLETT should be your targets.

That’s it for this week, however with the teams announced in interesting to see both popular selections in VAN BERLO and ELLIS-YOLMEN out this weekend. If you need bench coverage of are simply looking to generate some cash, look to trade either of these two guys down to MAYNARD or KNIGHT, or swing your team around a little and get DANIEL onto your forwardline bench. Till next week, good luck.

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