Player With PODential – R16


Jackson Macrae
Played: 12 games
3 Round Av:
123.67 (12th highest of all players)
5 Round Av:
123.80 (4th highest of all players)
Owned By: 1.7% of sides (3,827 teams)

I might sound unbelievable, but over the past 5 rounds the only players to average more SuperCoach points than Jackson Macrae are Todd Goldstein (142.4), Patrick Dangerfield (138.8) and Daniel Hannerbery (127). After averaging 100 points last year, in a breakout season, he started 2015 off quite poorly; averaging 83.8 over the first 6 rounds (1 ton: 128). He was dropped in Rounds 7 & 8 and has gone berserk since his return from the VFL, scoring a 94, followed by 5 consecutive tons! His season is a real ying and yang story, but he has brought his season average back up to 101.3 despite poor early season form.

Pre-Omission Scores: 80, 86, 69, 128, 60, 80 (83.8 average)
Post-Omission Scores: 94, 122, 126, 113, 104, 154 (118.8 average)

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