Schon’s Skippers – R16

I never thought I’d say it once, let alone twice, but Nathan Fyfe let me down again.
My selections last week of Goldstein and Ablett were spot on, and Fyfe left me heart-broken.
Who did you go for last week?

Todd Goldstein
Goldy has been brilliant all year, and over the past fortnight especially. 39% of sides have the big fella and we can expect a big result this Friday against the Bombers and Shaun McKernan, considering Max Gawn scored 150 last week.

Gary Ablett
Well Gazza’s back, as we all knew he would be. And he’s delivered us all a reminder: “I’m number one”. 153 last week and a career average of 144 (yes, 144) against GWS means he really is a lock as captain, this week. Ah, the good old days.

Dan Hannebery
Hanners has been on fire lately and produced two 140+ scores in the last two weeks. His opponent the Hawks hold no fears for him either, with scores of 138 and 159 in his last two against Hawthorn. A nice POD skipper.

Nat Fyfe
Before the last fortnight, many thought that Nat Fyfe was invincible, including me. Then, two scores in the 80s and we’re worried about his mortality. He will surely hit back against the Blues this week but maybe now we have to think twice about instating him as captain. Many coaches are being far too rash however.

Scott Pendlebury
Pendles couldn’t follow up his 184 this week but does come up against a favourite opponent, West Coast. 153 against the Eagles last year and a 117 point career average against them means he’s a pretty safe selection.

Patrick Dangerfield
Danger knows how to go big as we know, and his 156 in a tough match underlined his SuperCoach capabilities. It’s a showdown this week and he has shown himself to be a big-game player.

Who are you going to put as captain this week then?

My top three selection:
3. Nat Fyfe – I’m tipping he’ll respond.
2. Gary Ablett
1. Todd Goldstein

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