Trade Winds for Round 15

Well we’re right into the guts of the season now, and most SC teams should be getting close to their full potential in terms of the rookie/premium setup. Hopefully you still have a few trades left to play around with – the general consensus seems to be that if you have more than 10, you are in pretty good shape. This week there aren’t too many obstacles to overcome, but there are a couple of popular players who will be missing for quite some time. Have a gander at the names below and pull the trigger if you must.

Adam SAAD – Gold Coast – $400,500 Av 83 Groin injury, out for a couple of weeks?
Possibly the best performed rookie of the year, SAAD has been a huge winner for those SC teams who selected from the start, averaging a very tidy 83 pts per game in a year where his team have been decidedly ordinary. Still present in an incredible 56% of SC teams, the gun defender/midfielder has gone down with a groin injury, which could set him back two or three weeks. Having risen nearly $300,000 for the year, now is the time to – somewhat reluctantly – move him on. (I’ve only gone with defensive options as a replacement – I don’t think SAADY is in too many sides as a midfielder at all)
Andrejs EVERITT (Carl) – $410,700 Av 81
Alex RANCE (Rich) – $418,000 Av 93
Shaun BURGOYNE (Haw) – $421,900 Av 86
Cale HOOKER (Ess) – $429,000 Av 90
Sam DOCHERTY (Carl) – $436,600 Av 92

Verdict : A couple of good options here. I really like RANCE, HOOKER and DOCHERTY – forced to choose, its RANCE by a smidge.

Jobe WATSON – Essendon – $439,500 Av 93 Shoulder injury, out for the season
Wow, what a horrible season 2015 has been for the Bombers captain. Everything seems to have finally caught up with him – and a number of his team mates. WATSON has an okay average of 93 pts per game with a high score of 147, however he has dropped $76000 on the back of performances like last weekend, where he only scored 44 pts. Clearly affected by injury and the emotional strain of everything, he is now out for the season and simply has to be traded. Without adding a great deal of cash, at least there are some quality replacements in the wings.
Marcus BONTEMPELLI (Bull) – $421,200 Av 93
Shaun GRIGG (Rich) – $431,100 Av 87
Jordan LEWIS (Haw) – $444,000 Av 99
Michael RISCHITELLI (GC) – 452,700 Av 94
Ryan GRIFFEN (GWS) – $457,300 Av 91

Verdict : the obvious choice here is LEWIS – he certainly has the potential to improve price and scoring over the remainder of the season. I actually don’t mind GRIFFEN as a POD – I think he could improve also, but is a bit risky.

Gary ROHAN – Sydney – $306,900 Av 61 Hamstring injury, out for a month
What a shame. Just when ROHAN finally looked like he was starting to put a few good games together and live up to that potential he has had since entering the competition, he’s now gone down with a hamstring injury that will see him out for a month. Still selected in 6.5% of SC teams, ROHAN looked to be turning a corner but has unfortunately succumbed to yet another leg injury. An excitement machine, hopefully he’ll be back to reassert himself come finals time.
Sam GILBERT (St.K) – $302,500 Av 64
Paul DUFFIELD (Freo) – $309,500 Av 67 (93 last weekend)
Brodie SMITH (Adel) – $321,800 Av 74
Shane SAVAGE (St.K) – $329,000 Av 69
Nick MALCESKI (GC) – $344,100 Av 57

Verdict : Can you take the chance on MALCESKI? Maybe if you are a betting man, but I’d be looking more toward DUFFIELD or SMITH myself.

Harley BENNELL – Gold Coast – $508,700 Av 100 Stood down – how long for though???
No one would argue that BENNELL is one of the most gifted players in the competition, however surely his time at the Gold Coast must be hanging by a thread. With some previous disciplinary issues, BENNELL is now embroiled in a drug controversy sweeping through his club, leaving him high and dry as far as his footy goes. How long will he be out for? Who knows, but I’m tipping in might be a few more weeks yet. For the 5.5% of SC teams who have him as a forward or a midfielder, its now good enough. Get him out now I say.
As a Midfielder :
Dylan SHIEL (GWS) – $498,800 Av 107
David SWALLOW (GC) – $491,700 Av 90
Josh KENNEDY (Syd) – $510,500 Av 107
Scott THOMPSON (Adel) – $523,500 Av 111
As a Forward :
Cyril RIOLI (Haw) – $453,800 Av 92
Luke DAHLHAUS (Bull) – $489,900 Av 100
Nick RIEWOLDT (St.K) – $506,600 Av 94
Buddy FRANKLIN (Syd) – $515,000 Av 95

Verdict : As a midfielder the options are fantastic, I love the way SWALLOW plays the game and he could be a great POD, but I’d still be leaning toward KENNEDY. As for the forwardline, its hard to go wrong with any of those four – still, if I had to, I’d be setting my sights on DAHLHAUS or ROO.

Well that’s it for another week. The MRP let us off fairly lightly this weekend, with only big Ivan MARIC feeling their wrath with a 1 week suspension. If he’s in your team its not worth the trade – hold him unless a victory is absolutely essential. See you all again next week, when a bald genius from the warmer climates up north might start to show his shiny head on everyone’s radar.

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